Dragon's Dogma 2: How to get both endings in one playthrough

Dragon's Dogma screenshot. Courtesy Capcom
Dragon's Dogma screenshot. Courtesy Capcom /

With so much to do in Dragon's Dogma 2, there is even more to miss on your playthrough. One of these things is the ability to get both the endings in a single playthrough. No matter how good a game is, it's always a pain to have to go through an entire game again just for one trophy or achievement. Below, we walk you through exactly what to do in order to get both the "Peace" and " endings.

You'll come to the excavation site again at the end of the game. The NPC Henrique will tell you to go rest at the inn. Make sure you do this and not just manual save as you can always reload one or the other. When you get to fight the dragon at the end, go right up and attack him when given the choice to start the fight.

Once you win, you will be in the palace with a group of people and get the standard "peace" ending to become the Sovran of Vernworth. Your game also auto saves here. After the ending, reload the game from the last save and you'll start right back in the palace again. If it messes up, (which it shouldn't), you'll always have the last inn save to reload. Of course, you'll have to beat the dragon again but it's better than the entire game.

Once you are back in the palace, go talk to the ghost pathfinder on the left side of the steps. You'll get a couple cutscenes and end up on the dragon's back flying through the air. Make sure you grab onto him and climb to the bottom of his body. Use the Godsblade weapon on his highlighted heart / stomach area.

There will be some awesome cutscenes after this and you'll be in the Unmoored world which will get you the Witness the Unmoored World achievement. In addition to this, you will be able to get a few other achievements such as The Guardian and The Hero by leading people to safety and completing all its trials respectively.

This is the real, true ending to the game and needed in order to get all of the achievements and trophies. I hope you end up getting them all as it can be a drag to go through the whole game again. Dragon's Dogma 2 is available now on PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Be sure to check our other guides on How to find the Sphinx, How to Unlock the secret vault and all Maister ability locations.