Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 update now live: Full patch notes for TH16

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Town Hall 16 is finally here! The highly anticipated December 2023 update has arrived, introducing TH16 to the long-running action strategy game.

Supercell had been providing sneak peeks in the days leading up to today’s update. But in case you missed them, here’s a quick run down of everything new with Town Hall 16.

Town Hall 16

The highlight, of course, is the introduction of Town Hall 16.  TH16 features a nature, tree-influenced design.

Once you upgrade your Town Hall, you’ll unleash a new Giga Inferno weapon. This has only one level — so you don’t need to worry about upgrading it multiple times — but it’s still incredibly effective in roasting attacking units. There’s also a Poison effect that still deploys once the Town Hall is destroyed.

Read more about Town Hall 16 and the new building, defense and unit upgrade levels it brings.

Merged Defenses

Rather than introducing more Defenses to purchase from the Shop with TH16, you can now unlock the ability to merge Defensive Buildings into a Super Defensive Building.

Multi-Archer Tower

Merging two Archer Towers will form the Multi-Archer Tower. This lets you attack three different enemies at once. You can build two Multi-Archer Towers at TH16.

Ricochet Cannon

Like the Multi-Archer Tower, you can. merge two Cannons to form the RIcochet Cannon. This has more than double the HP of a regular Cannon and shoots a giant blast that deals more than double the amount of damage compared to a Level 21 Cannon. The cannonball will also bounce from its initial target and deal damage to a second target.

Read more about the Multi-Archer Tower and Ricochet Cannon here.

Hero Equipment

One of the biggest features in this update doesn’t even require Town Hall 16. Available to anyone with Town Hall 8 or higher, Hero Equipment lets you customize your Heroes and the abilities you bring into battle.

Old Hero abilities, like Barbarian King’s Iron Fist, are now broken into various Hero Equipment that can be upgraded and replaced.

"For example, equipping Barbarian Puppet will give your Barbarian King the ability to summon a pack of Raged Barbarians. Replacing it with another item, such as Vampstache, will remove the ability to summon Raged Barbarians but will instead replace it with the ability for Barbarian King to heal himself with every attack!"

The Blacksmith

In order to equip Hero Equipment, you need to build the Blacksmith building, available at TH8. This is where you can upgrade your Hero Equipment and customize your Heroes’ abiltiies.

New Resources: Ores

The Blacksmith uses a new type of “Ores” resource. There are three different types of Ores you can obtain to upgrade your Equipment:

  • Shiny Ore: This most common of Ores, for all levels for Common and Epic Equipment.
  • Glowy Ore: This rarer Ore is used to upgrade key levels for Common and Epic Hero Equipment.
  • Starry Ore: The rarest Ore is needed to upgrade your Epic Equipment beyond certain levels

You can earn Ore through Home Village Star Bonus, Clan Wars, The Trader and the In-Game Shop. You can also purchase Ores with Gems.

Each Hero can equip two Hero Equipment pieces at a time.

Root Rider & Spirit Fox

Two new units are coming with this update. The Root Rider is a new Elixir Troop available at Town Hall 15 when you upgrade your Barracks to Level 17. She’s a tanky unit that specializes in smashing through walls and destroying defenses.

The Spirit Fox is available at TH16 when you upgrade your Pet House to Level 9. The Spirit Fox’s SPirit Walk ability turns itself and its Hero invisible for a few seconds.