Clash of Clans December 2023 update sneak peek: Root Rider revealed

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The sneak peeks for the Clash of Clans December 2023 update continued today with Supercell revealing a brand new Troop: Root Rider. The Root Rider is perfect for those looking to create fast openings in your opponent’s defense, according to Supercell. With her high HP, she can tank for your heroes, while her wall-breaking can provide a lane for them.

Let’s check her out in action before we get into the details!

"Riding into battle on top of a tough tree root, she can smash through walls and slam defenses into dust!"

As you can see, the Root Rider completely obliterates the walls she smashes into, focusing on her Defensive target. There are some concerns, given her health and functionality that she could be a bit overpowered for her price, perhaps rendering walls useless. Others believe the Root Rider will also render the Golem obsolete. The Super Wall Breaker, given that its 12 less housing space, could still be useful though.

Although inspired by the nature theme of Town Hall 16, you’ll be able to unlock the Root Rider at Town Hall 15 once you upgrade your Barracks to Level 16. Thankfully, with the arrival of Town Hall 16, the cost and time to upgrade to Barracks Level 16 has gone down.

Upgrading to Barracks Level 16 now only requires 12 days (previously 16) and 12M Elixir (previously 15M). So unlocking Root Rider should be a bit easier for people.

Root Rider stats

The Root Rider focuses on Defenses. She has a single target attack for Ground units. She will requires 20 housing space and a 3m 40s training time.

Although you can unlock Root Rider at Town Hall 16, you’ll need Town Hall 16 to reach her full potential.

Level 1

  • DPS: 210
  • Wall DPS: 10K
  • HP: 7200
  • Upgrade Time: N/A
  • Upgrade Cost: N/A

Level 2

  • DPS: 230
  • Wall DPS: 10K
  • HP: 7600
  • Upgrade Time: 12d
  • Upgrade Cost: 19M Elixir

Level 3

  • DPS: 250
  • Wall DPS: 10K
  • HP: 8000
  • Upgrade Time: 14d
  • Upgrade Cost: 20M Elixir

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Supercell has confirmed one more sneak peek for tomorrow before the patch notes for the update are released. This would put the December update and Town Hall 16 on track for release on Monday or Tuesday.