Clash of Clans TH16 New Hero Pet: Spirit Fox stats and details

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The newest sneak peek for the Clash of Clans December 2023 update, aka the Town Hall 16 update, revealed the Spirit Fox. As teased previously by Supercell and leaked by others, the Spirit Fox is a brand new Hero Pet that will be unlocked once you reach Town Hall 16 and upgrade your Pet House to level 8.

"Although extremely shy and is happiest when wandering alone in the woods, Spirit Fox’s loyalty in combat is unquestionable. When called to battle, this feisty fox fights fiercely and lends their Hero a bit of forest magic."

The leaks turned out to be true, as the Spirit Fox’s ability, Spirit Walk, will turn itself and its Hero invisible for a few seconds. Check it out in action below!

While it doesn’t sound like much, the ability to go invisible could help turn the tide of battle. Is your Hero about to die? Spirit Walk coulud buy you the precious seconds you need to destroy some defenses and continue fighting.

Spirit Fox stats

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 20
  • Movement speed: 24

The Spirit Fox will have 10 upgrade levels, all available at Town Hall 16.

Level 1

  •  DPS: 108
  • Ability Duration: 3s
  • HP: 1900

Level 2

  • DPS: 116
  • Ability Duration: 3s
  • HP: 2000
  • Upgrade Time: 3d
  • Upgrade Cost: 225K DE

Level 3

  • DPS: 124
  • Ability Duration: 3s
  • HP: 2100
  • Upgrade Time: 4d
  • Upgrade Cost: 235K DE

Level 4

  • DPS: 132
  • Ability Duration: 3s
  • HP: 2200
  • Upgrade Time: 5d
  • Upgrade Cost: 245K DE

Level 5

  • DPS: 140
  • Ability Duration: 3.5s
  • HP: 2300
  • Upgrade Time: 5d 12h
  • Upgrade Cost: 255K DE

Level 6

  • DPS: 148
  • Ability Duration: 3.5s
  • HP: 2400
  • Upgrade Time: 6d
  • Upgrade Cost: 265K DE

Level 7

  • DPS: 156
  • Ability Duration: 3.5s
  • HP: 2500
  • Upgrade Time: 6d 12h
  • Upgrade Cost: 275K DE

Level 8

  • DPS: 164
  • Ability Duration: 3.5s
  • HP: 2699
  • Upgrade Time: 7d
  • Upgrade Cost: 285K DE

Level 9

  • DPS: 172
  • Ability Duration: 3.5s
  • HP: 2799
  • Upgrade Time: 7d 12h
  • Upgrade Cost: 295K DE

Level 10

  • DPS: 180
  • Ability Duration: 3.5s
  • HP: 2700
  • Upgrade Time: 8d
  • Upgrade Cost: 315K DE

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Supercell has confirmed there are still a few more days worth of sneak peeks for the Town Hall 16 update, meaning they should keep coming through the weekend. The estimated release date for the December update is December 11th or 12th.