Clash of Clans TH16 Sneak Peek: Town Hall 16 cost and upgrades

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Supercell released the first sneak peek for December’s Town Hall 16 update. Following a brief trailer that showed off the nature-inspired look of the new Town Hall, Supercell shared more specific details about TH16, including its upgrade cost and time, the Giga Inferno ability and new upgrade levels for other buildings and defenses.

Before we get into the details, check out the trailer below and admire the beautiful tree-influenced design of Town Hall 16. The nature theme will continue throughout the TH16 update cycle.

Town Hall 16 Upgrade Cost, Time and More

Upgrading to Town Hall 16 will cost 20M Gold and will require 14 days. When built, it’ll hold 2M Gold, 2M Elixir, 20K Dark Elixir.

The Giga Inferno weapon for Town Hall 16 only has one level, so you won’t have to worry about that cost. Inspired by a solar blast from the sun, the TH16 Giga Inferno unleashes 300 DPS in a 4.5 Tile area, targeting up to four targets that are in the air or o nthe ground. It deals 180 Max DPS with a 50% Speed Decrease. When the Town Hall is destroyed, it will deploy a Poison effect.

New TH16 Upgrade Levels

A new Town Hall means new upgrade levels for the Buildings, Defenses and Units across your Home Village. Below are the details:

Air Defense (Level 14)

  • Upgrade cost: 20M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 15 Days
  • HP: 1850
  • DPS: 600

X-Bow (Level 11)

  • Upgrade cost: 21M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 15 Days
  • HP: 4600
  • DPS: 225

Wizard Tower (Level 16)

  • Upgrade cost: 20.2M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days 12 Hours
  • HP: 3150
  • DPS: 102

Mortar (Level 16)

  • Upgrade cost: 19.5M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days 12 Hours
  • HP: 2300
  • DPS: 60

Bomb Tower (Level 11)

  • Upgrade cost: 20.8M Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days 12
  • HP: 2700
  • DPS: 104

Interestingly, there was no mention of the Archer Tower upgrades or the rumored ability to merge two Archer Towers into one really strong Archer Tower. Supercell may be waiting to reveal this as another sneak peek.

Laboratory (Level 14)

  • Upgrade cost: 13.5M Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 16 Days
  • HP: 1400

Barracks (Level 17)

  • Upgrade cost: 16M Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 14 Days
  • HP: 1350

Pet House (Level 9)

  • Upgrade Cost: 21M Elixir
  • Upgrade Time: 15 Days
  • HP: 1250

Again, no details for the new Pet House level, but it’s likely to unlock a new Hero Pet. Supercell previously teased an adorable blue creature hiding in the trees.

Dark Elixir Storage (Level 11)

  • Upgrade cost: 13.5M Elxiir
  • Upgrade Time 15 Days
  • HP: 4500
  • Storage Capacity: 360K DE

Gold Storage (Level 17)

  • Upgrade cost: 7.5M Elxiir
  • Upgrade Time 12 Days 12 Hours
  • HP: 4100
  • Storage Capacity: 5.25M Gold

Elixir Storage (Level 17)

  • Upgrade cost: 7.5M Gold
  • Upgrade Time 12 Days 12 Hours
  • HP: 4100
  • Storage Capacity: 5.25M Elixir

Level 17 Walls

  • Upgradeable wall segments: 150
  • HP: 14.5K
  • Upgrade Cost: 9M Gold or Elixir
  • Wall Ring cost: 9 Wall Ring

A new Town Hall also means a cost and time reduction for older buildings. It’s a lot, so check out Supercell’s post to see the decrease in cost and time for different buildings from lower Town Hall levels.

Town Hall 16 will arrive this month with an estimated launch date of December 11th.