Clash of Clans Town Hall 16 coming in December update

Supercell /

Town Hall 16 is coming to Clash of Clans, and much sooner than any of us expected. Supercell has begun teasing the upcoming December 2023 update for the strategy game, confirming Town Hall 16 as this year’s big feature.

While we have no specifics or details yet, Supercell should begin sneak peeks for the update soon.

While not an official sneak peek, Supercell posted a brief video yesterday of some sort of adorable blue creature hiding in the trees. It’s believed this could be a new Pet, possibly introduced with Town Hall 16.

Hero Pets are unlocked through the Pet House building at Town Hall 14. Town Hall 15 unlocks the Frosty, Diggy, Poison Lizard and Phoenix Pet. Whatever this creature is, it’s likely to be unlocked at Town Hall 16.

Today’s confirmation that Town Hall 16 is coming in the December update is a complete surprise as it breaks away from Supercell’s own release cadence for new Town Halls.

Previously, Supercell would typically wait 18 months between introducing new Town Hall levels. According to the developer, this timeline was previously believed to be the right pace for adding new upgrades “that gives most late-game players enough things to do without adding so many levels that they lose meaning and lower-level players feel it’s impossible to catch up.”

That no longer appears to be the case though. With so many Clash of Clans players longtime veterans, it’s likely that they’ve already done all there is to do with Town Hall 15.

Town Hall 15 was introduced into the game in the October 2022 update, meaning players have had over a year to upgrade their main base. It’s possible this could be the start of a new release schedule for new Town Halls. Rather than releasing a new Town Hall every 18 months, perhaps we’ll get one every 14-or-so months.

In any case, stay tuned as Supercell should begin the sneak peeks for the December 2023 update soon. Last year’s winter update arrived on December 12, 2022. We seem to be a bit earlier, so perhaps we’re looking at a release sometime during the first week of December.