Madden 24: When will the Companion App be released?

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The two biggest game modes in Madden 24 are Franchise Mode and Madden Ultimate Team. These are two of the most played game modes every year and players have been getting their football fix in these game mode since Madden 24 was released on August 15. If you are an avid player of either of these game modes from years past, you may have invested the time in downloading the Madden Companion App. While the Madden 24 Companion App isn’t yet available for download, we know that it will be released at some point in the future.

What is the Madden 24 Companion App?

Not everyone is familiar with the Madden Companion App. The Madden Companion App is a way for you to check your Madden Ultimate Team and your Franchise Mode files from your phone. It is a nice tool to have to be kept up to date with everything going on in Madden 24 even when you are not able to log on and check on it physically.

If the Madden 24 Companion App is anything like the Madden 23 Companion App, there is a ton you can access straight from your phone. You will be able to access your Franchise Mode to check your league schedule, set your game status, sim your league to the next week, manage your league settings, and so much more. If you are a league commissioner and find yourself not being able to log on to Madden as much as you need to, you can access most of your commissioner tools from your phone.

The other bit of Madden you can access through the Companion App is Madden Ultimate Team. This is perhaps even better than being able to access your Franchise Mode. You will not only be able to view your team and your card binder, but you will be able to access the auction house as well.

There is nothing worse than putting a player up for auction for a couple of hours and logging off of Madden not knowing if he was sold or not a few hours later. With the Companion App, you can access the Madden Ultimate Team Auction House to both buy and sell players straight from your phone. This eliminates always having to be on Madden 24 to update your Madden Ultimate Team. If you are a massive MUT player, the Madden 24 Companion App will be worth it just for that reason alone.

When does the Madden 24 Companion App release?

All the stuff you can access with the Madden 24 Companion App sounds great, but unfortunately the App is currently unavailable for download yet. As far as exactly when it will be released is unknown. However, we have gotten a little more insight knowing that a Madden 24 Companion App is in the cards atleast.

The MaddenNFLDirect Twitter made a post regarding new updates coming to Madden 24. In their post they made a comment that the Madden 24 Companion App has no release date yet, but they will let us know when it is available. This makes it sound like there is definitely a Companion App on the way, there is just no new news on it yet.

At the end of the day, the Madden 24 Companion App is not a necessity. It is a nice added bonus that you can use to make two of Madden’s most popular game modes a little more flexible, but the App doesn’t need to be rushed. Whether the upcoming news is good or bad regarding the Madden 24 Companion App, expect to hear more news on this in the near future.

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