Is Madden 24 available for free on Xbox Game Pass at launch?

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Madden season is officially upon us. Today, Madden 24 becomes available to the masses in early access with a full global launch slated for August 18. The game will be available on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as PC. As is the case with many blockbuster games, you may be wondering if Madden 24 will debut as a free game through Xbox Game Pass.

Is Madden 24 available for free on Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Madden 24 will not be available to play for free through Xbox Game Pass at launch. But it’s possible the game could arrive on the service sometime in the future, but you’ll likely be waiting a while.

Madden 23 was added to the Xbox Game Pass library on February 9, 2023 — just a few days before Super Bowl LVII was played. This probably wasn’t a coincidence as the Super Bowl is the biggest football event of the year and what better way to get people hyped than a free Madden game? Also, by that point, mostly everyone who wanted to purchase Madden would have already done so to have it during the course of the season.

If Madden 24 were to be added to Xbox Game Pass, it will likely be around the Super Bowl again, probably in February 2024.

That being said, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can actually play Madden 24 early thanks to EA Play.

Play Madden 24 early through EA Play on Xbox Game Pass

Madden 24 is in early access today. To start playing today (or any time before launch) you must have either purchased the Deluxe Edition for $99.99 or be an EA Play member.

The latter option could mean that you get to play it through Xbox Game Pass. EA Play is included with your subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Game Pass for PC. If you are a subscriber to either of those Game Pass services, you should be able to take advantage of the Madden 24 EA Play Trial.

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Through EA Play, you can play a 10-hour trial of Madden 24. This is the full game, available for a maximum play time of 10 hours. After the trial period, you can purchase the game and continue your progress with all of your saved data carrying over. So while Madden 24 isn’t completely free on Xbox Game Pass at launch, you can at least play the trial.