Clash of Clans Spring 2023 update: Builder Hall 10 details

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The Spring 2023 update for Clash of Clans is right around the corner and today Supercell peeled back the curtain on what is perhaps one of the biggest things coming in the Builder Base 2.0 revamp — a new Builder Hall level. When the Spring update arrives, players will be able to upgrade their Builder Base to Builder Hall level 10 which, of course, will unlock upgrades to your current defenses as well as a new Defense and brand new Troop.

First, here are the stats for Builder Hall 10:

  • Upgrade Cost: 4.8M Builder Gold
  • Upgrade Time: 7 days
  • Builder Gold Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Gold
  • Builder Elixir Storage Capacity: 1.5M Builder Elixir
  • Hit Points: 2750
  • Unlocks: 1x Mine, 1x X-Bow

As you can see, Builder Hall 10 will unlock the X-Bow. This is a new Defense that works similarly to the X-Bow in your Home Village. You can switch between modes, one which targets only ground Troops and the other which only targets air Troops. Here are the details:

  • Purchase cost: 4.4M Builder Gold
  • Build time: 7 days
  • Range: 12 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground/Air (depending on mode)
  • Favorite target: Any

Builder Hall 10 also allows you to upgrade your Builder Barracks to level 12 which can unlock the Electrofire Wizard. As his name suggests, he wields fire and lightning. He’s described as a “glass cannon” who “deals high damage” but has low hit points. The Electrofire Wizard features to different modes of attack: an Inferno Mode that unleashes a single fire beam that gradually increases in damage over time, and an Electro Mode which shoots a slow-charging lightning attack that bounces to multiple targets. The Electrofire Wizard deploys with Inferno Mode as his default attack, but you can switch between the two modes in the middle of battle. Here are his stats:

  • Builder Hall level: 10
  • Starts at level 17
  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Units per camp: 1
  • Spring weight: 14
  • Movement speed: 22

It sounds like this may be the final sneak peek of the Spring update, which suggests it could arrive early this week. If that’s the case, then it appears the Home Village and Clan Capital won’t get any major new features in this update.

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What are you most excited about for the Clash of Clans update?