Clash of Clans: Sneak peek at Builder Base 2.0 combat changes

Supercell /

One of the major focal points for Clash of Clans in early 2023 is on revamping Builder Base. Supercell confirmed that the mechanics of the secondary village will be getting a redesign in hopes of addressing the aspects that players aren’t quite liking and making it a much more enjoyable activity.

Rather than keeping everything a big secret, Supercell is lifting the curtain and giving players a glimpse of some of their ideas. In a new sneak peek today, the developer showcased some prototype ideas for the Builder Base 2.0 rework.

Two of the biggest changes currently being explored right now are “fewer stronger troops” and “giving more troops active triggered abilities.”

“Our reasoning for having fewer but stronger troops in attacks is that it would make things a bit less spammy and encourage more thoughtful troop placement,” Supercell explained. “To us this smaller number is nice as the troops feel more powerful and each placement feels more important.”

Another goal with this change is to make Builder Base troops more heroic. They want the troops in Builder Base to have active triggered abilities, like Heroes in the main village. Since there are no spells in Builder Base, there isn’t as much to do during an attack. As Supercell explains, this can lead to frustration as you have no way to intervene if something is going wrong with your attack in the middle of the enemy base. Rather than add spells, Supercell is taking advantage of the automatically activated special abilities and turning them into troop-specific active abilities.

“We also thought this would lend itself to interesting new future troops and create more of a different feeling from the Home Village,” the developer explained.

Supercell shared a brief gameplay video of the Builder Base 2.0 attack rework, showing off the control scheme — which is similar to triggering Hero abilities — as well as some of the new troop abilities. You’ll notice, you now have the ability to manually stop the Cannon Cart, which is an amazing ability. Oftentimes, the Cannon Cart would zoom ahead of your other troops, exposing them to enemy defenses. By being able to manually stop them, you can now have your tank get ahead of them and soak up the damage.

Supercell is still experimenting with Builder Base 2.0 changes, so we likely won’t see anything concrete anytime soon; however, it appears that Supercell is wanting to be more open about what they are working on. So hopefully we get another post soon.