Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 update sneak peek: New Battle Copter

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Sneak peeks for the upcoming Spring update for Clash of Clans have officially begun. The first teaser is a sneak peek at a brand new Hero Machine, the Battle Copter, which is coming with the revamped Builder Base 2.0.

The Master Tinkerer is at it again, this time inventing a flying machine armed with raged weaponry “that allows it to deal damage from a distance.”  While engaging in combat, the Battle Copter will charge its Bomb Rush special ability. Activating Bomb Rush sends the Battle Copter in a nosedive attack forward toward its target, dealing explosive damage beneath it.

Check out the quick sneak peek video below.

Up until now, there has only been one Hero Machine available at the Builder Base. With Builder Base 2.0 — the upcoming revamp — players will now have the choice to choose between the Hero Machine or the Battle Copter.

The Battle Copter is unlocked at Builder Hall level 8. Here are its stats:

  • Cost: 2.5M Builder Elixir (BE)
  • Starts at level 15
  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Movement Speed: 14

Battle Copter Stats

Battle Copter Bomb Rush Stats

There are five levels of Bomb Rush, but you’ll notice there are three tiers of stats for each level. These are Charge Levels, and it’s a new mechanic for Builder Base.

During combat, your Hero Machines will now charge their special ability up to 3 levels. Obviously, the more the charge, the more powerful the attack will be. The new Charge Levels add another layer of strategy to your Builder Base attacks.

So now that there are two Hero Machines, how do you choose which one to use in combat? If you recall, Builder Base combat now features multi-stage battles. When you start a battle, you’ll now be able to choose between the  Battle Machine or Battle Copter for Stage 1.

"At the end of Stage 1 and before you begin Stage 2, any Hero Machine abilities not used will automatically trigger to take advantage of its HP recovery effect.Before starting Stage 2 of your multi-stage battle, you can either continue using the same Hero Machine with the same amount of HP it had at the end of Stage 1, including any HP restored by its triggered ability when Stage 1 ended, or you can select your other Hero Machine which starts completely fresh at 100% HP."

So again, it gives you more flexibility in how you approach your attacks in Builder Base. If you notice you opponent’s Stage 1 has a lot of air defense, you might want to go with the Battle Machine first, and then switch to the Battle Copter for the second stage. The goal with Builder Base 2.0 is all about adding more strategy to your attacks and making it less spam-y. This is a great first step.