Clash of Clans: Builder Base Bonanza kicks off ahead of Spring 2023 update

Supercell /

The Builder Base Bonanza has kicked off in Clash of Clans, but not everyone is thrilled with the special event. Many were hoping the event would be tied into some sort of reveal for the highly anticipated Builder Base 2.0 – a revamp of the current Builder Base mechanic – and the eagerly awaited Spring 2023 update.

Instead, the Builder Base Bonanza simply reduces the Versus Battle Rewards timer to eight hours, down from the normal 22-hour wait time. This allows you to earn more loot from your Builder Base battles. The problem with this is that many veteran players have already maxed out their Builder Base and resources. They view this simply as a way to allow newer players to catch up.

Another perk of the Bonanza is that the Clock Tower can be activated every eight hours, instead of its normal 22-hour cooldown. Again, this does little to satisfy longtime players who have already maxed out everything.

There was hope that the Builder Base Bonanza would at least also feature the first sneak peek for the eagerly awaited Spring 2023 update. Supercell acknowledged that the update is coming soon, but we still don’t have a release date for it. The fact that sneak peeks haven’t even begun suggests the update could be a little further off than we originally thought.

The Builder Base Bonanza runs until May 15th. Interestingly, the roadmap for May referred to this as “Builder Base Bonanza Part 1,” which suggests a second part will be coming. Perhaps part two will be the revamped Builder Base 2.0. However, Part 2 is not at all shown in the May calendar. Does this mean Builder Base 2.0 – and subsequently the Spring 2023 update – won’t be arriving until June?

Supercell recently offered an update on the Builder Base 2.0 revamp, discussing how current Builder Base layouts will be affected by the transition to the new system. Builder Base is getting a complete overhaul with fewer but stronger troops, a new attack and defense system and more. Many are excited for the upcoming Builder Base remake, but today’s Bonanza event has left many disappointed that we didn’t get news on the update. A release in June would be the longest we’ve had to wait for a Spring update to Clash of Clans, and possibly impact future update releases this year.