Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All 7 Jedi Chamber locations

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5. Chamber of Fortitude

The Chamber of Fortitude is located on Koboh in the Ramber’s Reach Region, but more specifically in the Souther Reach territory. In this area is the Corroded Silo. You are going to have to make your way through this silo. In order to do so you must enter through the roof by first scaling the silo. There is a giant hatch that you can enter through on top of the Corroded Silo. Make your way through the silo and near the bottom of the silo, you will find the Chamber of Fortitude.

6. Chamber of Detachment

The Chamber of Detachment can easily be found by first starting from the Mountain Ascent Meditation Point in Koboh. From the Meditation Point, make your way forward through both green force fields and then jump down into the lower area immediately after making your way through the second green force field. On this lower-level area, make your way through and behind the waterfall where the Chamber of Detachment will reveal itself.

7. Chamber of Ambidexterity

The final Jedi Chamber you are going to want to find is the Chamber of Ambidexterity. The Chamber of Ambidexterity is located in the Devastated Settlement in Stone Spires on the planet Koboh. Make your way to the Grand Courtyard Meditation Point. From the Meditation Point, head to the right of the giant blue and gold structure. On the right side there is a small ledge. Head to the edge of the ledge and peak over the side. You should see a lot of lava and a giant cube. The Chamber of Ambidexterity is below the giant cube. In order to reach this area, you are going to have to take a couple of flying creatures down there.

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That is the location of all 7 Jedi Chambers. Now that you have completed all 7 Jedi Chambers, your skills have been tested and you should have unlocked the “Stars Tour” Achievement/Trophy. This also will grant you the ability to unlock the Map Upgrade that adds all of the Essence collectibles to the map.