Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Where to find the Chamber of Fortitude, how to beat

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The Chamber of Fortitude is one of seven High Republic Chambers you’ll come across in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If you’ve spoken with Toa on Koboh, she’ll give you the “Rumor: Explore The High Republic Chamber In The Forest” side quest. The High Republic Chambers are hidden from you on your map, which means you’ll need to explore the planet to find them.

Once you locate them, you’ll usually have to complete a series of puzzles or another obstacle. Completing them usually reward you with various collectibles and eventually a Perk at the end. Follow this guide to locate the Chamber of Fortitude:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Where to find the Chamber of Fortitude

The hard part about the Chamber of Fortitude is finding it. And it should be noted that you shouldn’t actually try to find this one until you’ve learned the Force Lift ability, which will help you enter the chamber.

Once you’ve learned Force Lift, the Chamber of Fortitude is located in Rambler’s Reach in the Southern Reach on Koboh. Start from the Southern Reach Meditation point ad head straight on the path. Continue following the path until you reach the old Corroded Silo. You’ll want to jump to the top of it where you’ll then have to fight some droids. Once it’s clear, use the Force Lift to open the lid and drop into the silo.

Once inside, you’ll need to do a bit of wall running, scaling and fighting as you make your way towards the bottom. The path is fairly linear, but the video below is a nice guide of where to jump. Eventually, you’ll get to the entrance to the Chamber of Fortidue.

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Unlike other High Republic Chambers, there’s no puzzle that needs to be solved with this one. Rather, you’ll need to defeat a boss by the name of Anoth Estra. Thi sis a fairly straightforward duel and defeating her will grant you access to another room where you’ll earn the Persistence Perk.