Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: How to pass the green force field wall

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While exploring the worlds of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you’ll almost certainly come across a green force field barrier. Even on the earliest planets of Coruscant and Koboh, you’ll run into these barriers. And you may be wondering what to do to get past them — especially early on in your playthrough.

The only way to get past these green force field barriers is to have a special traversal item called Merrin’s Magicked Charm. Unfortunately, there’s no way to acquire this item until you reach a certain part of the game’s main storyline.

You’ll acquire Merrin’s Charm on Jedha when you return to the planet with the research you found on Koboh and its moon. You’ll get this mission when you explore a High Republic Settlement on Koboh and the Shattered Moon. Specifically, this will be Chapter 4.1 — so about halfway through the main storyline — when you attempt to reach Pilgrim’s Sanctuary and unlock Merrin’s Magicked Charm.

During this quest, you’ll have to complete many trials, which include getting past these green force field walls. Your companion Merrin will teach you Merrin’s Magicked Charm skill, which allows you to dash forward through these barriers.

In order to use this ability, walk up to the green walls and press the dash/dodge button. Passing through the green wall will refresh some of your abilities, including Merrin’s Charm, Jedi Flip and Force Dash. As you can imagine, it’ll be will necessary to master these traversal skills as there will be quite a few platforming areas where you’ll need to use these.

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Because Merrin’s Charm is unlocked about midway through the story, it may be worth holding off exploring Koboh and these earlier planets until you’ve learned it. Otherwise, you’ll have to backtrack to these planets once you’ve learned the ability in order to reach areas that were previously blocked.