Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: How to get Santari Khri’s Lightsaber

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During your Star Wars Jedi: Survivor journey, you are going to come across many different cosmetics that you can collect for Cal Kestis. One of the rarer cosmetics that you are able to seek out and find is Santari Khri’s Legendary Lightsaber.

Those of you that have dove into the storyline of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor know that Santari Khri plays a major role in the storyline. However, for those who haven’t played through the full storyline yet, no spoilers will be given.

Where to find Santari Khri’s Lightsaber

Acquiring Santari Khri’s Lightsaber is actually going to take a little bit of work as there is only one way you are able to find it. For starters, make your way to the northern region of Untamed Downs located on the planet Koboh. The exact location that you need to travel to is not too far from the Cantina.

You are going to want to enter the cave that has the large green force field. In this cave, there is a terminal that you can activate to spawn explosive droids. These rolling explosive droids will shoot a beam of light at Cal Kestis. If the droid gets too close to you, the beam will turn red and eventually explode. If the beam is blue, that means that the droid is still following you, but you are at a safe distance to where it won’t explode. The goal here is to make sure the droid does not explode until you reach your next cave.

While leaving the cave with the green force field, take the path that leads you to the right around all the rocks. You are going to want to enter the first cave that is on your right. So, as soon as you take the path that leads you to the right, be on the lookout for the first cave entrance on the right side of the path.

Make sure that the explosive droid is still following as you are entering this next cave. Make your way through the cave until you reach an open area with water all over the ground. There will be a giant crystalized-looking wall. You will know exactly what wall you need to destroy when you see it. It is very hard to miss.

Force pick up the explosive droid and throw it all the wall and the wall with be destroyed. Behind the wall is a chest that contains Santari Khri’s Lightsaber. At this point, you can go to the workbench and equip the cosmetic for you to use. Santari Khri’s Lightsaber has a very old-school-type look to it, which is what makes it so cool. It came from the High Republic Era, so you know just how old this saber really is.

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Acquiring Santari Khri’s Lightsaber won’t take too long to accomplish and it is definitely one of the coolest cosmetics that you can get in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. If you are someone who tries and collects as much as you can, this is definitely going to want to be high up on your list of things to acquire first.