Star Wars Jedi: Survivor New Journey +: What carries over, new perks and unlocks

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Have you already beaten the main story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Ready for a new challenge? Like its 2019 predecessor, Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features a New Journey + option. This is the equivalent of a New Game Plus seen in other action-adventure games.

New Journey + is a way to continue your adventures as Cal Kestis. Once you complete your first playthrough, you’ll be able to access this new mode through the main menu. Doing so will create a separate save file so you won’t lose access to that initial playthrough if you ever want to go back.

Although New Journey + acts as a brand-new playthrough, restarting the story, you aren’t starting entirely from scratch. Not only does some of your progress from the main game — like skills and stances — carry over, but you’ll also unlock new perks.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: What carries over into New Journey +

When starting New Journey +, you’ll actually have access to quite a few things from your previous journey. All of your Lightsaber Stances will already be unlocked, and your Skill Points will be refunded, allowing you to spend them immediately, and possibly experiment with a new character build. This is a great way to replay the game while not having the feeling of starting entirely from scratch, which I know can be a turn-off for many players. Additionally, all of the cosmetics you’ve unlocked will also carry over, including your Lightsaber colors.

The only thing that’s really reset is Cal’s abilities. This is to prevent you from skipping entire sections of the game. You’ll also need to reach your first Meditation Point before you can actually change your Lightsaber Stance.

New Lightsaber Blades

Speaking of Lightsaber colors, you’ll actually get two new ones for starting New Journey +. For fans who have always desired to turn Cal into a Sith, you’ll get the chance with a Red Lightsaber blade. There’s also a multi-color Party Lightsaber blade that you’ll get.

Three New Perks

Perhaps the most exciting part about New Journey + is the three new Perks you’ll get. These are Purity, Warrior and Trendsetter. Here’s what each one does if you toggle it on:

  • Purity: Grants a massive increase in weapon damage for both friends and foes
  • Warrior: Replaces standard enemies with new, more difficult combat encounters
  • Trendsetter: Randomizes your cosmetics on death

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If you’re looking for an added challenge, Purity and Warrior seem like an ideal combination. Trendsetter just seems like a fun one.