Diablo IV beta: Necromancer skills – full list

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The Necromancer is the fifth and final class available in Diablo IV. Making its debut in the open beta this weekend, we will be able to attack in a variety of ways using the class specific Book of the Dead. This allows the player to summon undead enemies, raise slain enemies to fight for you or just blow them up. There are three different types of those to go along with your skills as well as class specific weapons only the Necromancer can use. Take a look at the breakdown below as well as the full skill list.

The Book of the Dead can be organized differently for each player allowing you to summon either skeleton mage, skeleton warriors or golems. The mages can be in the form of shadow, cold or bone doing their respective damage for each one. The warriors have skirmishers which have increased attack damage but have less health, reapers attack with a scythe in front of you and defenders have a shield with increased life and health. Finally, you have the golems. There are three forms of these in bone (taunt enemies), blood (drain health) and iron (charge attack). Whatever minion you have summoned, you can also sacrifice them to add their benefit to you. For example, sacrificing a blood golem gives you extra health for a certain period of time. You won’t be able to summon another companion until that time is up, however.

Basic Skills

** Remember, these are spam attacks that increase your power for other attacks with cooldowns**

Reap – attack with a summoned scythe in front of you. Upgrade to form corpse under 1st enemy hit, insta-kill enemies below certain health

Decompose – tear flesh off enemies damage over time. Upgrade to deal incr. damage, slow enemies

Bone splinters – shoot bones at enemies. Upgrade for vulnerability, incr. crit. chance

Hemorrhage – explode enemy’s blood. Upgrade to incr. attack speed, base life

Essence / Core / Mana / Spirit Skills

Class specific no cool down but need required power from basic skills or upgrades

Sever – image of you attacks with a scythe. Upgrade to incr. vulnerability, incr. damage

Blight – death/shadow attack that kills an area. Upgrade to immobilize and incr. damage

Blood Lance – lance that sticks in and damages enemy. Upgrade to incr. attack speed, overpower enemy

Blood Surge – take blood out of enemies and explode it for damage. Upgrade to gain overpower stack, maximum life

Bone Spear – summon bone spear from ground impale enemies. Upgrade to get incr. crit. chance, extra projectile, vulnerability

Defense / Macabre Skills

Blood Mist – Turn into a mist, slower movement speed, damage over time to enemies, heal for damage dealt, immune for a time. Upgrade to get a corpse every certain time and get base life

Bone Prison – Trap enemies in bone over an area. Upgrade to vulnerable enemies inside, get extra base life per enemy inside

Corpse Explosion – blow up dead body dealing damage. Upgrade to incr. damage, or shadow damage over time instead of explode.

Corruption / Curse Skills

Iron Maiden – Curse and area and enemies inside area take certain % damage on top of damage they receive. Upgrade to incr. damage and heal you for each enemy killed.

Decripify – Curse an area to slow enemies and they deal less damage inside the area. Upgrade to reduce your cooldowns and insta-kill enemies below certain health

Summoning Skills

Corpse Tendrils – veins fly out of dead body and grab enemy slowing and damaging them. Upgrade to incr. damage, incr. blood orb chance

Bone Spirit – This uses ALL YOUR ESSENCE to create a bone spirit. It will attack a random enemy and explode dealing AoE damage as well. Damage dealt depends on the amount of essence used when it was created. Upgrade to generate essence, extra crit. chance.

Ultimate Skills

Bone Storm – bones fly all around you damaging enemies. Upgrade to incr. your damage reduction and to automatically use corpses from killed enemies to increase duration of skill.

Blood Wave – blood tsunami that goes at enemies. Upgrade to slow and drop blood orbs

Army of the Dead – undead warriors emerge over a time period and explode on enemy contact. Upgrade to drop a usable corpse and to also summon your skeletal mages and warriors (mentioned above).

As you can see, the Necromancer is an incredibly formidable force. It’s especially well designed for beginner players as well as veteran players with suitable builds. A variety of AoE attacks, defensive skills and the ability to add permanent companions with summoned undead makes the Necromancer a constant threat. Let us know which one you’ll be using below, and be sure to check out our skill lists for Sorceror, Rogue class, Barbarian class and Druid here. Diablo IV open beta is this weekend on PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC with a full release June 6.