Diablo IV beta: Druid Skills – full list

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Druid is a new class to the Diablo IV beta this weekend as well as the game itself. Blizzard chose not to include it in the closed beta last weekend for server issues, so this weekend will be the first time all 5 classes will be on display. Not only can the Druid use elemental damage with earth, lightning and wind spells, but they also can shapeshift into and summon various animals for a wide variety of attacks.

Below, we have the full list of skills for you in order to help you round out your Druid gameplay. Check them out!

Remember, all basic skills have no cooldown regardless of class. You’ll want to use these as much as you can in order to fill up your spirit meter for other attacks. Be sure to check out the other skill lists for Barbarian, Rogue and Sorcerer as well.

Basic Skills

Claw – Transform into a werewolf and claw enemies. Upgrade for crit and poison

Earthspike – spikes come up from the ground on enemies. Upgrade to more spikes and defense

Stormspike – electricity powers your weapon. Upgrade to hit more enemies

Maul – Transform into a werebear and maul enemies. Upgrade knocks down enemies and increase range of attack

Windshear – throw a wind spike at enemies. Upgrade to earn more spirit, incr. character speed.

Spirit Skills

Pulverize – Transform into werebear and slam ground. Upgrade to immobilize enemies, they cause less damage

Tornado – Spawns around you damaging enemies. Upgrade to slow enemies, they take less damage

Landslide – Enemies smashed between earth pillars. Upgrade incr. crit strike/damage and less spirit cost

Shred – Transform into werewolf and do 3 attacks. Upgrade increases damage

Lightning Storm – storm around you gets bigger. Upgrade immobilize enemies, strike more enemy

Defensive Skills

Earthen Bulwark – rock wall around you absorbs damage. Upgrade explodes wall for damage and grants base life

Cyclone armor – wind storm around you. Upgrade makes enemies vulnerable, damage gets stronger over time

Blood howl – Transform into werewolf, howl regain life. Upgrade also regains spirit and attack speed.

Roar – Transform into bear, roar to decrease enemy damage. Upgrade heals you and slows enemies

Companion Skills

*** These are going to be incredibly useful. Companions are permanent and attack on their own over a certain period of time and can not be attacked by enemies ***

Wolves – Summon wolves to attack enemies. Upgrade for more damage and immobilize

Vine Creeper – comes from ground and poisons enemies. Upgrade longer poison + Crit

Ravens – Fly around you and attack enemies. Upgrade to get more ravens, Vulnerable enemies

Wrath Skills

No spirit / mana cost but cooldown is a decent amount

Trample – transform into werebear and charge enemies. Upgrade to increase life, spirit

Hurricane – forms around you damage enemies. Upgrade vulnerable, incr. damage.

Rabies – Transform into wolf and bite poison enemies. Upgrade heal you, more poison

Boulder – rolls at, knocks back enemies. Upgrade for vulnerable and earn spirit.

Ultimate Skills

Petrify – petrify nearby enemies. Upgrades gives spirit, incr. time petrified

Cataclysm – huge storm follows you. Upgrade prolongs storm, makes vulnerable.

Grizzly Rage – Transform to dire werebear get incr. damage attack, decr. damage taken. Kills extend the time. Upgrade to be unstoppable, gain base life

Lacerate – werewolf dash around damaging enemies. Immune. Upgrade to eal on crit strike, final strike incr. damage