Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: How to become invincible

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has some interesting enemies to say the least and the combat system is extremely diverse. Your build makes a huge difference in whether you live or die and lose those coveted Qi points for your upgrades. Below, we take a look at how to become basically invincible during the game and pretty much ensure victory for boss fights as well.

First, you’ll need to progress a little bit in the game and get to part 3. I’ve been experimenting with the game and its fast traveling in order to pick up more loot. In case you were not aware, loot is respawned when you start a mission over. Depending on the loot location, some can be picked up extremely quickly. You will have to go to part 3 and the mission Shadow of the Sacred Mountain. It’s a sub-battlefield and pops up after you beat the main battefield in the area. Sub-missions are much shorter and are relegated to a specific section of the map.

As soon as you spawn in, jump up to the right and you’ll see the glowing loot. This is a Dragon’s Cure Powder which heals you over time once you take damage. Now, just go to the battle flag and fast travel back to the start. Grab the powder again and keep going. You can do this as long as you want in order to get an unlimited amount of powder.

Once you have the desired amount, head into your skill tree. By this time you should be pretty high level and able to unlock the best spells. There are a few you can use, but my favorite is the earth spell Absorb vitality. This allows you to heal yourself based on the damage you deal to enemies. When you combine this with the dragon’s cure powder, you are not only doing damage for your own attacks but healing yourself for both attacking and being attacked. This essentially makes your character invincible for the most part and allows you to just throw haymakers at bosses to make quick and easy fights.

You can also add Enhance Defense in earth and Calamity bolts in metal with each one reducing damage done by enemies. Of course, adding your AI companions help (even more with the appropriate element for the boss) and having a 25 morale rank will wipe the floor with any enemy extremely fast.

I tried this for Lubu in a separate save after I already beat him in my main save. I went back to him and didn’t even need my companions. After knocking him off the horse for the first time, he was dead within seconds and never got a chance to get back on. It really is a breeze and helps a lot especially while you work your morale up to 25 near the beginning of levels.

Let us know what you think so far of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty below and be sure to check out our tips on the Taoist house keys and infinite tiger seal farming.