Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: 5 things to know before you play

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If you have already begun playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you have already begun your quest to defend the Three Kingdoms from those pesky demons. If you haven’t started playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty yet, prepare for an entertaining Soulslike that will put your video game skills to the test. Regardless of if it is your first time playing or you have already started playing, there are some crucial things that you must know before you get too deep into the game itself.

1. Understand how the Morale System works

One of the most important things you need to understand is how the Morale System works. The Morale System consists of two factors: Morales and Fortitude.

Morale is a term used to represent how powerful an enemy may be. Each enemy that you encounter will have a Morale Rank. Just like the enemies, you also have a Morale Rank. The more enemies that you kill, the higher your Morale Rank will increase. However, taking down enemies with higher Morale than you can pose a decent risk.

If you are only a Morale Rank 8 and the enemy you are facing is a Morale Rank 10, they are going to be stronger and deal more damage to you. If you find a way to defeat them, you will gain more Morale when you kill them. However, if you are killed, you will be sent down to your Fortitude Rank. Bosses have Morale Rankings as well, so you always know if fighting a boss is a good idea or not. If you are not as high of a rank as a boss, you might want to stay away until you gain levels to match them. There is a lot of risk involved because if you end up dying, you get demoted back to your Fortitude Ranking.

Your Fortitude Ranking is the lowest Morale you can be set back to upon dying. When you die, you lose all your Morale, and your Morale Rank is set back to whatever Fortitude Rank you are. For example, if you are Morale Rank 20 and you die, and your Fortitude Rank was only Rank 2, your Morale Rank will be 2 upon respawning. You can never have a lower Morale Rank than your Fortitude Rank.

This is why it is always a good idea to boost your Fortitude Rank by finding Marker Flags scattered around the map. Each Marker Flag that you find will increase your Fortitude Rank by 1. The more that you are able to find, the more powerful you can stay and that will go a long way when you are trying to do battle with tougher enemies down the line.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a tough game, and you are going to die over and over again. Don’t get too overconfident by ignoring Marker Flags. Set your sights on finding these Marker Flags every once in a while, so that when you do die, the penalty isn’t too big of a deal. Understand how this Morale System works is perhaps the most important things you can learn for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.