Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Where to find the Taoist’s House Keys

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the newest addition from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo as they venture further into the Souls-like genre of sword fighting. There aren’t many side quests to do, as there are basically two in the entire game. One of those is the Taoist House Key quest. You’ll never know it’s a side quest as it’s organized more as simply something you can do with no official marker. It is a bit difficult to finish, however, as the lack of marking makes it hard to even know you have something to do. We’ll take you through the necessary steps in order to complete the mission.

First, you’ll need to get to the hidden village. You’ll get here after completing the first two missions. This village is your central area where you can upgrade your items and purchases in between levels. If you make your way to the bottom of the map past the vine root walk ways, you’ll find the lady who can’t get into her house. The door is locked and you’ll need a key.

The keys are not in the hidden village, however, and instead hidden throughout the many levels of the game. There are no markers and no indications of any kind you are doing a quest. You will need to explore in order to find the two keys hidden in chests.

The first one is in level 3 “In Search of the Immortal Wizard”. It’s after you come out of the cave with the mini-boss at the battle flag and right before the final boss. As soon as you exit the cave, look to your left and you’ll see the key on the ground to your left. Giving the lady this key opens up the front door and gets you a weapon drop inside.

However, now you need the back door key. That can be found in level 5 “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely“. It’s also near the end of the mission in the sewers after going into the dragon’s head. There is the last battle flag in the room, and there will be a small doorway on the left side. Go through here and the key will be on the ground on the left. A low-level random enemy pops up here as well. This can be given to the lady to open the back door for some other items.

There are three chests that are also locked. The lady will give you the keys if you give her various items. In order, you will need to give her a fire pot, anti-freeze soil and mystic crane. You will get top-level Qi chest, top-level upgrade materials and top-level gear in the chests respectively. There’s also one of the panda bear dudes you can feed as well up top of the cliff there so be sure to feed it for the achievement.

That’s how to complete the Taoist House Key quest in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. How far have you gotten? Let us know below.