Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: How to farm for infinite Tiger Seals

Team Ninja
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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty just released and is giving many players a lot of grief with the battle system. Fortunately, the game allows you to summon up to two A.I. companions to fight alongside of you using Tiger Seals. This guide will show you a quick and easy way to earn an infinite amount.

Each time you summon a companion you will need 1 Tiger Seal. These come in handy in some boss fights but quickly disappear if you die because you’ll need to use more seals to re-summon the companions. One rough boss fight will see you quickly out of seals. Here’s how to farm an infinite amount.

Go to the second area and the level “Two Chivalrous Heroes”. You’ll need to fully beat the level first,  which isn’t long into the game as it’s the second main battlefield.  Once you’ve beaten it,  travel back to the beginning and run around the corner.  There is a Tiger Seal on the ground.  As soon as you get it,  use the battle flag that is right there and travel back to the start of the level.  This will reset all the loot including the seal.  Just keep doing this over and over and you’ll never run out.

It takes about 20 seconds to get each seal so you can bulk up fast.  Remember,  using ten seals gets you an achievement as well as summoning each companion once.  This will take a while because six you only get after beating the main game. Each of the companions provides unique buffs and elemental abilities as well, so balancing them helps with damaging enemies easier. It also helps as they aggro enemies in order to buy you time to heal if needed.

Hope this guide helps and let us know what you think of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty below.  It’s available now on Xbox Game Pass, PC and PlayStation.