MLB The Show 23: Diamond Dynasty changes revealed

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Spring training is almost upon us. MLB players are slowly getting back into the groove of things, and it appears baseball is almost back in full swing. MLB The Show 23 will be released in just a little over a month on March 28, and we are excited to get back onto the baseball diamond.

We have already gotten word that Jazz Chisholm Jr. will be this year’s cover athlete along with the announcement of new features being added to this year’s game. Speaking of new features, The Show’s popular Diamond Dynasty game mode is undergoing some changes this year and, and these changes were revealed by the cover athlete himself Jazz Chisholm Jr.

If you are unfamiliar with the Diamond Dynasty game mode, it is a mode where you create your ultimate dream baseball team using player cards that you buy and collect. Diamond Dynasty is the equivalent of Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL, and Madden Ultimate Team in Madden. The goal is to create the best baseball team that you can and compete with other teams around the world.

Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 23 will include a couple of new features as revealed on Twitter. One of the biggest announced new features being added is the ability to acquire 99 overall players as soon as day one. The reason why this change is being made is because of the grind it was taking gamers to acquire certain players, only to have a better version of that acquired player released a few weeks later. With the ability to have 99 overall players available as soon as day one, this eliminates that problem, and you can’t get a better version of a 99 overall card. Once you have that 99 overall player, you won’t have to worry about a better version of that card coming out.

San Diego Studio will also be adding something new called Sets and Seasons. Every new card that makes its way into Diamond Dynasty will have a Set attached to it. Seasons, on the other hand, will take place every 6-8 weeks. With each season, there are going to be certain Diamond Dynasty modes, like Ranked and Conquest, that will require you to create a squad of only players that are acquired during that season. This makes it so that if someone has a very overpowered team, they can’t continue to dominate with the same team. Instead, they will have to create a new squad with new players acquired in that Season. This will allow the Ranked and Conquest modes to become a little more competitive and work will be required each Season if you want to be some of the best. However, it should be noted that not every game mode in Diamond Dynasty will be like this and you will be able to use players whenever you want in various other Diamond Dynasty modes.

Another new feature mentioned was the addition of Captaincy. Captains will naturally make your dream baseball team a whole lot stronger. There will be certain Captain Series players that you can add to your team and then you can assign them as a Captain. If you fulfill the Captain Tier requirements that come with being a Captain, you will receive stat boosts for your crew. This feature is perfect for those who love to create synergies within their team. If you utilize the Captain feature correctly, you will notice that the stat boosts that you receive from it will help give you an advantage over many other teams that you face. This is an interesting new feature that will definitely change the way that Diamond Dynasty teams are created in MLB The Show 23.

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With all of these changes making their way into Diamond Dynasty this year, it should be interesting to see the feedback that these changes receive. If there is a lot of good feedback, maybe some of these features stay in the franchise going forward. If there is a lot of negative feedback, we will have to see if San Diego Studio makes any changes to the game mode during the year and if not this year, maybe into next year’s MLB The Show video game. Either way, these new changes are exciting, and we can’t wait to see how they play out in the official game.