MLB The Show 23 Tech Test now live on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch

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Baseball fans eager to return to the diamond can now download and play the MLB The Show 23 Tech Test. The Tech Test is a free download available for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch with no registration required.

The goal of the Tech Test is to gather valuable feedback about the overall gameplay experience for MLB The Show 23 ahead of the game’s launch on March 28, 2023. Multiple game modes available include Diamond Dynasty, Co-Op, and Custom Practice. The Tech Test arrives just shortly after Sony San Diego shared the Feature Premiere, unveiling all the new features, improvements and changes in MLB The Show 23.

Among the new features is the proper implementation of two-way player usage. Made popular by Shohei Ohtani, last year’s cover athlete, you’ll now be able to actually utilize a two-way player in MLB The Show 23. Players like Ohtani will be starting pitchers by default, but also possess secondary positions in the field, allowing you to use them as you see fit, including as DH like MLB’s actual rules with two-way players.

Speaking of DH, the position has finally made it to Diamond Dynasty. Major League Baseball introduced the Universal DH rule last year — allowing American League and National League teams to each have a player who can only hit in place of the pitcher — but it was announced too late and didn’t make it into last year’s game in time. Now the universal DH has been implemented, allowing you to use big bat players and not have to worry about their shaky defense in the field.

MLB The Show 23 is also introducing Ranked Co-Op. While Co-op was implemented in last year’s game, it was severely lacking in features and a general disappointment. Sony San Diego has not only worked to improve this mode but also implemented a Ranked Co-Op that will follow the traditional Ranked Seasons ladder.

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In addition to all these new features, MLB The Show 23 will see the usual balance changes and adjustments. Swing analysis has been revamped with the goal to address the often confusing feedback. Now players will get instant feedback on timing and PCI placement.

There’s a lot to be excited about for MLB The Show 23. The full gameplay feature reveal video can be seen above along with the links to each system’s respective Tech Test.