Dead Space Remake: All six Suit Upgrade locations

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You are going to find yourself upgrading a lot throughout your Dead Space Remake journey. This will come either in the form of upgrading your Weapons or upgrading your Suit. Regardless, upgrades are going to happen to both of them as it will be a way to make the later stages of the game a whole lot easier. Eventually, you would love to get Isaac’s Suit to Suit Level 6. This is the most powerful you can make his Suit.

Each Suit Level will get progressively harder to get. Ranging from Suit Level 1 to Suit Level 6, it is going to take you quite some time before you can fully max out at Suit Level 6. It will require a lot of time and even the discovery of a few Schematics. Schematics are just like some of the other collectibles that are scattered about the Dead Space Remake. While you won’t need a Schematic for the first couple Suit Level Upgrades, you will definitely need to find them for some of the more powerful Suit Upgrades down the line.

Suit Level 1

Suit Level 1 is going to be very easy to get. That is because you start with it! This is your default Suit that you begin the Dead Space Remake with so there is nothing special from this one. Just your typically 12 inventory slot Suit.

Suit Level 2

Suit Level 2 is the first upgrade you can make to Isaac’s Suit, and you can do this right away as soon as you find your first shop in Chapter 1. Once you access the shop for the first time you will see the option to upgrade your Suit to Level 2. In order to do this, it will cost Isaac 10,000 Credits. Upon upgrading to Suit Level 2, you will be granted with a 6-inventory slot increase for a total of 18 inventory slots and a 5% increase in Armor. Not too bad for your first Suit Upgrade.

Suit Level 3

Suit Level 3 is when things start to get a little more in-depth. Suit Level 3 will require you to find your first Schematic. The Intermediate Engineer Rig Schematic will be located in Chapter 4. During the fourth Chapter you are going to want to travel to the EVA Prep Room. If you are having a bit of trouble finding the EVA Prep Room, it is located on the fifth floor.

Once you have acquired the Intermediate Engineer Rig Schematic, you can make your way to the shop and purchase the Suit Level 3 Upgrade. The Suit Upgrade will cost you 20,000 Credits but will increase your inventory slots to 22 and give you a 10% increase in armor.