Dead Space Remake: Best weapon upgrades to focus on first

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One of the greatest horror video game franchises of all time has finally been revived with the Dead Space Remake officially released. Gamers can once again play as Isaac Clarke on his horrific journey aboard the USG Ishimura. Besides the absolutely stunning graphics that the game features, there is also a whole ton of brand-new content that is new within the Dead Space Remake. However, one thing that has stayed the same is the ability to upgrade your weapons to make them stronger and more valuable.

During your first time playing through the campaign, it will be impossible to max out all of your upgrades. Luckily, New Game Plus will be made unlocked after you complete the main story, and you could continue to try and max out your upgrades that way. Since everything will have to be upgraded one at a time, it is important to focus on certain upgrades first in order to set you up the best down the line.

Plasma Cutter

If you are familiar with Dead Space, you know about the Plasma Cutter. The Plasma Cutter is an iconic weapon and one that you will start out with. There are certain points in the story when ammo becomes a premium and using the Plasma Cutter allows you to save a little bit on your ammo.

The more Upgrades you can shell into the Plasma Cutter, the more effective Isaac can be if you are low on ammo. This weapon can really do a number on your enemies, especially if you focus a lot of your upgrades on it. On a side note, there is an achievement that you can unlock by completing an entire playthrough using only the Plasma Cutter. The only way you can do this is by focusing a lot of your upgrades on it from the beginning. I am sure you aren’t going to want to do this on your first playthrough but upgrading it early on with be a great boost to have, even if you plan to use other weapons along the way.

Other weapons

You are going to come across a handful of other weapons other than the Plasma Cutter. Your immediate gut instinct might be to start upgrading weapons as you receive them. This may not be the best strategy. Instead, focus your attention on a couple of different weapons and start making them more valuable via their Upgrade Path.

One of the best things that you can focus on with your weapon Upgrades would be damage and ammo. Any other special perks you can get with those weapons can be Upgraded at a later time. However, damage and ammo become very necessary early on in the Dead Space Remake as that is what will keep you alive the longest.

There are also weapons that do better in groups and there are weapons that do better when there are few Necromorphs, such as the Pulse Rifle. If you can pick a couple of weapons and upgrade their ammo capacity and damage, you will be set early on in the game. Maybe choose a weapon that does better in groups, one that does better when there aren’t many enemies with a bit of range, and your Plasma Cutter. Having a few options that have a lot of upgrades is better than having many weapons with not as many upgrades. Remember, quality over quantity.

Upgrade your RIG suit!

What keeps you alive in the Dead Space Remake? HP. How do you gain more HP? You gain more HP by upgrading your RIG suit. This one is a no-brainer, especially early on. The more health you can start off with during the early stages of the game, the better set up you will be for the late stages of the game. You can also gain Stasis capacity by upgrading your RIG suit. Stasis and Kinesis will be your best friend and will help you preserve ammo.

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When you head over to the Upgrade bench when you are looking to spend some of your Nodes, you are going to have many options to choose from. If you focus on quality over quantity, you should be set for the early portions of the game. Once you have completed the main story and have gotten through your first playthrough, you can start another playthrough on New Game Plus and try and max out every upgrade possible. Then at that point, all you would have to worry about is mowing down those pesky Necromorphs.