Dead Space Remake: How to find the Peng Treasure

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The Dead Space Remake still is very young and gamers have got the opportunity to once again board the USG Ishimura. After only being released since January 27, gamers have jumped back into Isaac Clarke’s shoes to wreck some more Necromorphs. While there are a lot of new features to come out of the Dead Space Remake, there are also a lot of things that were kept the same.

One thing that was kept the same that fans of the Dead Space franchise will recognize is Peng’s Treasure. Peng’s Treasure is in every single one of the Dead Space games and it allows for gamers to go out on a hunt to try and find it. The Dead Space Remake is a recreation of the original Dead Space. However, if you planned on looking for Peng’s Treasure in the location it was in the original game, you will have to look again because it won’t be there. Instead, you will have to embark on a new hunt.

If you are a collectible hunter, finding Peng’s Treasure is going to get you one step closer to acquiring all the collectibles. However, even if you aren’t a collectible hunter, finding Peng’s Treasure can still net you 30,000 Credits and the Achievement/Trophy “There’s Always Peng!”

Peng’s Treasure Location

Back in the original Dead Space, you were able to find Peng’s Treasure in Chapter 3. It was very early on in the story. In the Dead Space Remake, you won’t be able to acquire Peng’s Treasure until near the end of the game in Chapter 11.

During Chapter 11, you are going to be tasked with an objective to “Reach the Cargo Bay” and “Engage the Cargo Crane.” This is going to require you to enter the Cargo Bay from the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control. Once you arrived at Cargo Bay, you will have completed the objective “Reach the Cargo Bay.” Your next objective will be to “Engage the Cargo Crane.” This objective is irrelevant to finding Peng’s Treasure.

When you first step into Cargo Bay using the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control doors, you will be greeted with an elevator on your right-hand side. At the bottom of the elevator, you are going to want to take a quick, hard left. You will see a couple of Kinesis crates that are blocking a couple of lockers. Have Isaac use his Kinesis ability to move the crates so that you can access the locker on the left. You will know exactly which locker it is because of all the “Peng” stickers over the locker. Open the locker and Peng’s Treasure will be waiting inside.

How to claim your 30,000 Credits

Once you pick up Peng’s Treasure, the Achievement/Trophy “There’s Always Peng!” will be unlocked and you are one step closer to finding all the collectibles in the Dead Space Remake. There is one more thing to do from here if you would like. Remember the 30,000 Credits that I mentioned earlier? Now is the time to go and claim your reward.

Since there is no reason to hold onto Peng’s Treasure other than it taking up an additional inventory slot, you might as well sell it. It is really easy to sell it too. All you have to do is head over to any store kiosks and you can sell Peng’s Treasure for 30,000 Credits. 30,000 Credits is a good chunk of change for an item that doesn’t do anything except unlock an Achievement/Trophy and gain you a collectible.

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After you have claimed your 30,000 Credits, your Peng’s Treasure hunt has officially come to an end, and you can focus on killing more Necromorphs and finding more collectibles. Maybe even start a new story using New Game Plus if you haven’t already. There is definitely no shortage of things to accomplish in the Dead Space Remake and finding Peng’s Treasure is just one of many.