Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Pawniard and Bisharp into Kingambit

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been released recently and with it, it has brought along a ton of Pokemon both new and old. Many of the new Pokemon have evolutions that turn them into powerful and interesting new forms.

New Pokemon like Pawmo, Finizen, and Gimmighoul have great new forms with really interesting abilities. Returning Pokemon like Rockruff and Pikachu have strange ways to evolve you might have forgotten over time. And some returning Pokemon like Primeape and Girafarig have brand new evolutions introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Another returning Pokemon with a brand new evolution is the Dark/Steel type stabby boi known as Bisharp.

How to evolve Pawniard and Bisharp into Kingambit

If you find a little Pawniard running about, it’s fairly easy to evolve. You just need to get it to…checks notes…level 52. Okay, that might take a minute if you don’t feel like finding a Bisharp.

But once you get Pawniard to level 52 it’ll evolve into the much taller Bisharp.

Bisharp has a new evolution though and this one is SUPER tricky. To get Bisharp to evolve into the new and really bizarre Pokemon Kingambit, you’re going to need to use your Bisharp to defeat three other Bisharp. But the Bisharps you defeat have to be specific ones holding an item called a “Leader’s Crest”.

How do you know a Bisharp has a Leader’s Crest? You’re going to look for Bisharps that are surrounded by Pawniards. Your best bet is to head for Fury Falls and look for them in the bamboo forest. What I did was I looked for them in the immediate area around the bottom of the falls then entered and exited a picnic so it reset the local spawns. It took me about maybe 15 minutes of searching to get three.

After you defeat three, simply level up your Bisharp one last time and it’ll evolve into Kingambit. Kingambit, despite looking insane, is a pretty great Pokemon to have. Firstly, if you’re lucky, it’ll have the “Supreme Overlord” ability which raises its attack every time someone in your party has fainted.

It also has a signature attack known as “Kowtow Cleave” in which it bows to the opponent and, in doing so, smacks the opponent with the massive blade on its head. While being pretty powerful it’s also guaranteed to hit.

It’s also worth noting that the entire evolutionary line is a pretty great one for your team as not only is it immune to Poison and Psychic but it’s actually resistant to a whooping nine different types: Normal, Flying, Rock, Ghost, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, and Dark. Just keep it away from Fighting types as that does Quadruple damage.