Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Pawmo into Pawmot

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Pawmi and Pawmo are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s “Pikachu-esque” Pokemon that every Pokemon game has had. This adorable Electric/Fighting type can be found all over the place but most people might miss out on the fact that it also has a remarkably unique third evolution known as Pawmot.

Pawmi evolves into Pawmo at level 18. But to get Pawmot requires a little more leg work than just leveling. In fact, it literally involves some leg work.

To evolve it you need to keep Pawmo as your primary Pokemon and have it walk with you. Try not to run ahead either as it’ll give up trying to keep up and hop back in its Pokeball.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Pawmo into Pawmot
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Pawmo needs to take 1000 steps outside the Pokeball before it can evolve. There’s no notification of this, no counter either, so you just have to trust you’ve done enough and then level it up. If it doesn’t level, go for a walk. Keep at it and eventually, you’ll get it.

Pawmot is a very unique Pokemon to have that could, theoretically, change the meta of how the game is played. While not the most visually interesting Pokemon it has the pleasure of being one of only two Pokemon that can learn the move Revival Blessing.

As the move is described, “The user bestows a loving blessing, reviving a party Pokemon that has fainted and restoring half that Pokemon’s max HP.”

That’s right, it can resurrect. So in addition to having a fairly strong fighting and electric type it can also come in clutch and rez one of your fallen buddies as well.

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It’s a pretty cool Pokemon with a great ability that just showcases Game Freak’s attempt to throw all sorts of wrenches in the traditional meta. So if you want to get Pawmot, get out there and get to steppin’.