Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: How to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo

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Gimmighoul was a surprising announcement to the new Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games. Much like Melton and Melmetal, Gimmighoul has ties in both Scarlet and Violet AND Pokemon Go.

But, Gimmighoul, outside of Pokemon Go, can still be caught. And as the original release trailer hinted, it can be evolved, too.

Where to find Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

You can find a Gimmighoul (Chest Form) at the top of the various weird castle spires that overlook the landscape. They’ll usually be at the very top ready to battle.

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From there you can level it up as much as you want but it’s gonna be a Gimmghoul. So how do you evolve it?

How to evolve Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

Around the map, you might notice a little movement next to bridges, on rocks, on signs, and other places. These are the Roaming forms of Gimmighoul. And while you can’t catch the little boogers, interacting with them will give you a Gimmighoul coin. Finding other Chest Form Gimmighouls will give you between 50 and 99 Gimmighouls.

You can check how many coins you have at any time in your inventory in the pocket you keep stuff for making TMs. Once you get up to 999 go ahead and through Gimmighoul back in your party and evolve it and it’ll evolve into the bizarre Gholdengo, a Steel/Ghost type.

This bizarre creature that looks like a pile of coins mixed with a mascot for a weed-based kid’s cereal is as useful as he is weird. Firstly, it’s got the ability “Good as Gold” which states “A body of pure, solid gold gives the Pokemon full immunity to other Pokemon’s status moves.” Basically, it’s immune to status moves from other Pokemon. It also has the move “Make it Rain” that not only hits for 120 Power but also gives you money after the battle. It lowers your Sp. Atk stat but…money right?

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Just bare in mind it takes a good long while to build up 999 Gimmighoul so maybe don’t keep it on your party until then unless you want it to be over-leveled by the time you get the needed coins. Happy hunting.