Overwatch 2: How to earn all eight Prestige Levels

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Since the Overwatch 2 release on October 4, there have been over 25 million players that have downloaded and played the game. These 25 million players have all accessed the game in just 10 days as well. Even though the game has gotten off to a rough start due to various glitches and bugs, this is a great feat that Blizzard Entertainment has achieved, and things are only getting started and will continue to get even better.

One of the biggest changes to come with Overwatch 2 is that the game has become free to play, unlike the original Overwatch game. To go along with the free-to-play model, there were a handful of other changes that were made as well. One of those changes was the removal of the Loot Boxes. To fill the void of not having Loot Boxes, Blizzard Entertainment decided to add another popular gaming feature nowadays. Out with Loot Boxes and in with the Season Pass.

It almost seems like a guarantee that video games today feature a Season Pass of some sort. The Overwatch 2 Season Pass is just like any other. You pay a fee to unlock the Premium Tiers, or you can ride it out for free with the free Tiers.  If you are looking to purchase the Season Pass, it will cost 1,000 coins which equates to $10 USD. Once unlocked, you will gain access to 80 Tiers of unlocking new Skins, Charms, Emotes, Name Cards, other Cosmetics, and so much more. Normally, when you max out the Season Pass in a video game, that is it and you have to wait until the next Season is released to start earning new rewards. However, Overwatch is a bit different.

Prestige Levels Explained

Once you grind all the way to Tier 80, the grind is actually not officially over yet. There are eight Tiers beyond Tier 80 that will grant you Prestige Titles. Past Tier 80, there are a total of 200 exclusive Tiers that you can level up past. At certain Tier intervals past Tier 80, you will be granted an exclusive Prestige Title that can only be acquired during this Season. After this Season, anything you haven’t gotten will be gone for good. Unless Blizzard decides to add it back in future Seasons.

  • Tier 85: Nomad
  • Tier 95: Neogun
  • Tier 105: Streetrunner
  • Tier 120: Bytefixer
  • Tier 135: Netbreaker
  • Tier 155: Data Broker
  • Tier 175: Technoknight
  • Tier 200: Cyberdemon

If you plan on grinding through Overwatch 2 and are a user of the Season Pass, this new Prestige System past Tier 80 is great. It allows you to still get the most out of the Season Pass even when the Season Pass is technically “maxed out.” There are also some gamers who max out the Season Pass a lot quicker than others, so this gives those gamers a lot more time to grind and get some exclusive Prestige Titles.

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Even though these rewards are nothing over the top, they are still exclusives. Anything that you can get exclusive over other gamers really separates the die-hard fans from the casual ones. If you are able to get to Tier 200, that just proves how much time and effort you worked to achieve such a feat. The grind doesn’t stop at Tier 80, but rather 120 Tiers later.