Overwatch 2 is ditching Loot Boxes in favor of a Battle Pass

When the original Overwatch was released, Loot Boxes were all the rage in the industry. The controversial mechanic has since become much-maligned among gamers as it’s deemed to be predatory.

The manipulative and exploitative nature of loot boxes has even been linked to gambling habits. And as games are meant for adolescents that’s obviously not a topic you want to be associated with.

So with Overwatch 2, Blizzard is moving away from Loot Boxes and to the more receptive Battle Pass system that has risen in popularity over the years. No longer will players be at the mercy of randomized drops. Now, with each new season, you’ll have the option to purchase a Battle Pass and know exactly what cosmetics you’ll be able to earn by playing and when you’ll unlock them.

Additionally, there will be a “consistently updated in-game shop” where I assume you’ll be able to purchase individual cosmetic items for real-life cash or some sort of exchanged in-game currency. Assuming it’s a special in-game currency, you’ll probably be able to buy it with real money and, hopefully, earn some through the Battle Pass. This would allow you to not only unlock Battle Pass cosmetics but also save enough to unlock shop-exclusive items.

In my opinion, this is a much better and fairer system. Let people buy the cosmetics they want to.

Blizzard has confirmed that Overwatch 2 will operate on a seasonal model. Every nine weeks, a free update will be released. This will bring new heroes, maps, skins and, of course, a new Battle Pass. I’m assuming the in-game shop will be updated daily and weekly and sort of operate independently of the season theme.

Overwatch 2’s first season will kick off on October 4 when the free-to-play PvP portion releases. Season 2 will come on December 6 and so on every nine weeks. The highly anticipated PvE experience is also slated for 2023.