Overwatch 2: Bastion, Torbjörn temporarily removed due to bugs

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Overwatch 2 has officially been out for one week. If you have been following the game’s launch, you would know that it’s been a rough start.

Gamers have been complaining about how long it has been taking for their original Overwatch accounts to merge and the process of how to merge their Overwatch accounts in order to get their skins back. A good portion of the community also hasn’t been a fan of the new phone number account verification process as well. To go along with all those issues, there have been a lot of bugs coursing through the game’s veins and now two Heroes will join the added bug list.

Bastion and Torbjörn have been pulled by Blizzard in an attempt to fix some issues with both of their ability kits. Bastion has been temporarily removed from all game modes while you are still able to use Torbjörn in Quick Play.

The bug that was surrounding Bastion was a bit unfair. The bug that affected Bastion’s Artillery Ultimate allowed users to fire as many artillery shells as possible across the map during the given timeframe. This would guarantee user kills and prevent other players from capturing objectives over long periods of time. Normally, you are allowed to shoot up to 3 artillery shells at a time when using Bastion’s Ultimate. Since this glitch allowed there to be no limit on the number of shells that can be fired, you can see why this was a major problem.

As far as why Torbjörn was pulled, that is because there were issues with Torbjörn’s Overload ability. This would allow users to use the ability right before it officially ends. This means that gamers would get extra health and more firing speed in a faster-than-usual amount of time. This glitch isn’t as overpowered as Bastion’s glitch which is probably why Torbjörn is still playable in Quick Play mode.

As far as how long these two Heroes will be put on the shelf is yet to be known, but at least there are no shortages of Heroes that you can use in Overwatch 2. There are a total of 35 Heroes that you can unlock and without Bastion and Torbjörn, that leaves you with 33 others. Don’t worry, they will be making their way back at some point as the Overwatch 2 official Twitter says both Heroes will be taking a “quick trip to the workshop.”

When new video games are released, you can always expect to have a handful of issues. I am sure that Blizzard and Overwatch 2 gamers didn’t expect there to be this many issues, but what can you expect when you have a game as popular as Overwatch.

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If you want to keep up to date with all the Overwatch 2 issues and what is currently being resolved, you can head over to the forums section on Blizzard’s website, and they have a forum dedicated to known issues in Overwatch 2. With how many people have been trying to play since the game’s launch, it will take some time before they can get everything resolved, but Blizzard Entertainment is aware of these issues and is doing everything in its power to make Overwatch 2 a better experience.