Overwatch 2: How to acquire and use Legacy Credits

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If you played the original Overwatch game, you may remember having Credits as part of your Overwatch account. If you try to log in to Overwatch, you won’t be able to as the servers were shut down just in time for the release of Overwatch 2. You may ask yourself, what happened to all of the unused Credits that I had left over on my Overwatch account? Don’t worry, they aren’t gone. In fact, they are now considered Legacy Credits as part of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 has ditched the loot box system and Credits and has replaced those features with a Battle Pass, Item Shop, and Overwatch Coins. If you are trying to figure out a way to gain more Legacy Credits, that is not possible. However, if you are trying to figure out a way to get your old Credits back from your previous Overwatch account, that is something that is possible to do.

Overwatch 2 Season One Battle Pass
Overwatch 2 Season One Battle Pass /

The most important thing that you can do to get your hands on your rightful Legacy Credits is you are going to want to merge your Overwatch accounts. This will not only get you back any Credits you think you may have lost, but you will also get any skins you had back as well. With so many gamers trying to merge their accounts, there have been reports of the merge taking longer for some gamers than others.

Since you can’t get any additional Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2, you may also find yourself asking what is the point of having these Credits if I can never get any more of them? The simple answer is that you can spend them at the Hero Gallery on Skins and Cosmetics for various different Heroes. If you got the Legacy Credits to spend, you might as well use them. You aren’t going to get any more of them and they aren’t going to do you any good by having them unused. As of right now, the Hero Gallery is the only place you can spend your Legacy Credits, and this probably won’t change.

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Overwatch 2 does have a currency system instead of Credits called Overwatch Coins. These Overwatch Coins can be acquired by completing Daily Challenges or by using real money to purchase them. Given that these Overwatch Coins are the main currency in Overwatch 2, your options are much more varied. You can use them in the Item Shop to purchase various items and cosmetics and you can even use them to purchase the Battle Pass, which in the long run is a great investment if you plan on playing Overwatch for an extended period of time.