Clash of Clans: Spooky Archer Queen leaked for October Gold Pass

Supercell /

A new season for Clash of Clans is starting on October and it appears that we’ve got our first look at the featured Gold Pass Skin. Inspired by Halloween, fans can look forward to obtaining the “Spooky Queen.”

Unfortunately, the name sounds better than the actual skin itself. There were high hopes heading into October for a Halloween skin for the Archer Queen. Many were hoping to see something similar to Mercy’s Halloween skin from Overwatch.

Instead, it looks like Supercell went The Walking Dead route. The Archer Queen is more undead than spooky with rotted purplish flesh and a bone arm and leg. It’s not horrible, but it’s also a bit underwhelming.

In any case, the Spooky Queen will officially be unveiled tomorrow on the first day of the October season in Clash of Clans. If you’re interested in obtaining this exclusive skin, you’ll be able to purchase the Gold Pass for $4.99.

Of course, the Archer Queen is small potatoes compared to what Clash of Clans players are really looking forward to next month, and that’s the October update. Now that Clash Fest is over and the World Championship Finals have ended, Supercell can finally focus on the next major update.

The October update is expected to feature Town Hall 15. Supercell hasn’t directly confirmed this, but they’ve certainly dropped some obvious hints. Most notable is the start of the Hammer Jam event. This special event, which slashes the cost of buildings by 50%, typically comes before a new Town hall update. There have been some other clues too, such as the changes coming to Barracks with the October update.

We don’t know when exactly the October update will arrive, but a breakdown of the Hammer Jam event has led to speculation that it could come on October 10th. If that’s the case, sneak peeks should begin in the coming days.