Clash of Clans October brings changes to Barracks ahead of TH15

Supercell /

Supercell announced today changes coming to the Barracks system in Clash of Clans. In the October update, extra Barracks and Dark Barracks buildings will be removed, resulting in just one of each in your Home Village.

Supercell didn’t give any specific reason for the change, but many suspect it has to do with the impending arrival of Town Hall 15, which is expected to make its debut with the October update as well. As it currently stands, Town Hall 14 features 100 maximum buildings. Assuming Supercell wants to stay at this number for Town Hall 15, removing the extra Barracks and Dark Barracks will free up four building slots. It’s unclear what these slots will be used for. They could be new buildings entirely, extra defenses or some more resource producers.

In any case, you may want to hold off on upgrading all of your Barracks during the current Jam Hammer. Or if anything, you’ll only want to focus on upgrading a single Barracks and a single Dark Barracks. When the update hits, only the highest level building for each will be kept.

The removal of these extra Barracks will also impact how troop and spell production will work. After all, if there’s only one Barracks and you decide to upgrade it, how will you continue to train troops?

Well, Supercell is addressing that too. Moving forward all production buildings — Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory, Dark Spell Factory and Siege Workshop — will still be able to keep training units while they are upgrading. however, training will slow to 50% of their normal speed.

Additionally, troop training time will remain the same with one Barracks or Dark Barracks as it currently is now with four and two, respectively. In other words, Supercell is adjusting the training times so that the wait will remain the same.

That’s all for now but with the next update now confirmed for October, we should begin to start seeing sneak peeks soon. The October update is expected to introduce Town Hall 15, so get ready for lots of exciting announcements.