Clash of Clans Hammer Jam can only mean Town Hall 15 is coming

Supercell /

Clash of Clans players woke up to some exciting news today: Hammer Jam is here! For those who are unfamiliar, Hammer Jam is a somewhat rare limited time event in which all Home Village building and upgrade costs are reduced by 50 percent. And it typically means one thing: a new Town Hall level is coming.

Supercell has already confirmed that the next major update to Clash of Clans will be coming in October. And it’s basically confirmed that this update will feature Town Hall 15. This is based on Supercell’s own roadmap and previous Town Hall update cadence (every 18th months). Additionally, Supercell has announced big change to the Barracks system which has led to speculation they are freeing up some building space to make room for some additional buildings that could arrive in TH15.

Supercell announced the start of Hammer Jam with another fun animated video. Naturally people have scoured the video for any hints as to what could be coming in the October update but so far I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary.

As I mentioned, Hammer Jam discounts all the building and upgrade costs for your Home Village. Most people use this as an opportunity to upgrade their walls since these can be some of the most costly upgrades. You’ll likely want to avoid upgrading all of your Barracks and Dark Barracks. That’s because the October update is set to remove all but one of each. It’s presumed this is to keep the max building count at 100 for Town Hall 15, which will likely introduce some of its own buildings.

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With Hammer Jam now live it is time to catch up on all those upgrades to get ready for the next Town Hall. We don’t know when exactly the update will be coming, but I expect sneak peeks to begin soon.