Clash of Clans Town Hall 15: October 10th now the predicted release date

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By now, you’ve probably heard Clash of Clans is getting its next major update in October. And based on the Hammer Jam event going on, you’ve probably realized that it’s going to contain Town Hall 15.

Now comes the fun part. The speculation. The breaking down of every second of any video Supercell puts out.

In this case, we’ve got the Hammer Jam trailer and eagle-eyed fans have gone ahead and done the legwork, including possibly spotting a clue as to what day the October update will actually release.

Redditor Elvascular put together a couple of still images captured from the Hammer Jam trailer and speculated what some of it could mean. One of the shots was of a calendar on the wall with days marked off an a pin in one of them. It’s believed this is representative of the day Town Hall 15 will release.

Now you might notice the calendar has more days than there are in the month of October. It’s been theorized that this calendar isn’t just of October but rather when Hammer Jam began and video was released — on September 27.

This would put the pin on October 10 which has become the new target date for Town Hall 15’s arrival. Again, this isn’t confirmation but rather some very good detective work.

Elvascular shared a couple of other thoughts they had, including predictions that the patches on the blanket could represent the color scheme of Town Hall 15. The shot of the Wall Breaker and Miner could be hinting at a new troop. Perhaps the Bomb Miner from the now canceled Clash Quest? And lastly, there’s a shot of some sort of pink bird which many believe could be a new Hero Pet.

Hero Pets were introduced in Town Hall 14. You can train them once you build the Pet House. There are currently four Hero Pets in Clash of Clans:  L.A.S.S.I, a mechanical dog-like pet; Electro Owl, a superconductive bird of prey; Mighty Yak; a menacing monstrosity; and Unicorn, a prancing healing pony. Maybe we’re getting a new type of bird in Town Hall 15?

Keep in mind this is all speculation. The only thing we know for certain is that Clash of Clans will be getting an update in October and it will almost definitely feature Town Hall 15. Supercell hasn’t started with the sneak peeks yet but they should come soon-ish, especially if the update is coming on October 10.