Genshin Impact: The best characters for Calamity Queller

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With so many great Polearms in Genshin Impact, the new five-star Calamity Queller has a lot to live up to. Is this weapon worth pulling for? If you have any of the characters that can use it, it just might be. Let’s check out who the best characters for Calamity Queller are.

Calamity Queller: Overview

While it’s Shenhe’s signature weapon, it can actually be great for a ton of characters as a stat stick. It’s no Staff of Homa, but it does have a lot of uses by ramping up Attack to sometimes ridiculous levels.

Looking at Calamity Queller’s stats, you might be surprised that the Attack sub-stat maxes out at 16.5% at Lv. 90. It makes up for it with a crazy high 741 base attack, and two different buff abilities.

The 12% Elemental Damage bonus is always welcome, and the rising Consummation Attack buff that caps out at 19.2% after 6 seconds is even better. When the character is off-field, that Consummation buff doubles.

A maximum of 54.9% Attack when off-field with a base 741 is nothing to scoff at, but with most characters you’re realistically getting 35.7% attack if they’re on-field.

Genshin Impact: The best characters for Calamity Queller

With such a high base attack, Calamity Queller is good on just about any DPS character. There are some eccentricities to the weapon’s kit, as its primary user Shenhe is one of a few characters that can really make use of that off-field stipulation. Calamity Queller makes her Attack stat massive when she’s off-field, helping her support kit dramatically.

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Xiao is one of the best characters to use Calamity Queller with. All of Xiao’s damage is Elemental when his Elemental Burst is on, and you typically start his rotation with a few dashes of his Elemental Skill to start Consummation.

It’s currently sharing the Weapon Banner with Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, Xiao’s best weapon, so it’ll be worthwhile for the Xiao mains out there to Wish on this. Calamity Queller is still strong on him, even if he can’t use the off-field Consummation.

Hu Tao can use Calamity Queller to great effect for much of the same reasons Xiao can. Her Pyro infusion comes from activating her Elemental Skill, playing right into the pattern Calamity Queller wants.

While Shenhe is an off-field support, other off-fielders like Xiangling and Rosaria can’t use the off-field Consummation triggers. This is because their Elemental Burst attacks “snapshot”, meaning they take into account the stats of the character as the Burst is cast for the skill’s entire duration. Calamity Queller’s not bad, but perhaps better paired with another character.

Thoma, on the other hand, is an off-field support that can actually use all of Calamity Queller’s abilities. His Elemental Skill and Burst both create a shield that scales from his health, but the Burst’s Shield has an extra triggered attack that does not snapshot, letting him fully use the off-field Consummation doubling.

Raiden Shogun is another character that has an off-field support ability that does not snapshot. Her Elemental Skill performs a coordinated Electro attack with the active character. You’ll just lose that doubled Consummation when Raiden starts her Burst.