Genshin Impact: Best characters for Shenhe team comps

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Shenhe is the newest five-star character to come to Genshin Impact. She’s a Cryo Polearm user with a somewhat controversial kit. She provides some powerful, but niche support capabilities that some players may not be able to use. Shenhe team comps should make the most of her kit. With that in mind, here are the five best characters Shenhe can support.

Genshin Impact: The best characters for Shenhe team comps

Shenhe’s abilities can buff any type of attack, but she specifically helps Physical and Cryo attacks by increasing their damage and reducing the resistance of those types to enemies. She serves as a buffer, debuffer and battery all in one. Shenhe is only as good as the character you have to use her with, so some players just starting the game may have trouble using her.

Honorable Mention- DPS Kaeya

Kaeya is a character everyone starts with, so I feel it’s important to mention him especially for new players. An on-field build of Kaeya can use all of Shenhe’s buffs to great effect, as you’ll be dealing a mix of Physical and Cryo damage.

5- Four-star Electro Physical DPS: Razor, Fischl, Beidou

While billed as a Cryo support, Shenhe also has tons of utility for Electro DPS units that rely on their Physical Normal attacks. I’m cheating by combining all of these together, but all three of these four-star characters have something in common: they all have Physical attack builds with coordinated Electro hits.

Combined with Shenhe’s constant Cryo application from her Elemental Burst, you’ll be hitting Superconduct and taking advantage of the Physical resistance shred it applies to enemies in addition to the bonus Physical damage buff her Burst already applies.

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4- Eula

Since Shenhe buffs damage directly, characters with high Crit Damage scaling like Eula will be able to make the most of it. Once again the Physical Resistance debuff Shenhe’s Burst applies will be used to great effect with Eula, especially with another Electro support like Raiden or support Fischl.

Shenhe also serves as a battery for Eula, generating the Particles to fuel Eula’s high cost Burst.

3- Hydro Supports: Mona, Xingqiu, Kokomi, Barbara

I’m cheating again, but these characters in a perma-freeze team benefit greatly from Shenhe’s kits. Mona’s and Xingqiu’s Elemental Bursts have high scaling that benefits from Shenhe’s generic damage buffs, and Mona, Kokomi or Barbara can apply Hydro quickly to keep enemies stuck in place with her Elemental Skills.

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2- Ayaka

As the game’s only true Cryo auto-attacker, Ayaka can use all of Shenhe’s buffs with her high damage scaling across her entire kit. Ayaka can maximize the amount of hits to fulfill the Icy Quill’s five or seven hit quota.

1- Ganyu

Like Eula, Ganyu has extremely high Crit Damage scaling. She actually has the highest damage numbers in the game, and Shenhe can take it even further.

Since Ganyu’s Bloom arrows deal damage over an area, each enemy hit will count towards Shenhe Icy Quill quota. Like Ayaka, meeting this quota ensures you’re getting the most out of Shenhe’s kit.