Madden 22: College Football returns with new Campus Legends event

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College football has returned in video game form! Well, not entirely, but thanks to EA’s new Campus Legends mode in Madden 22, fans can now play with or against friends in the first college football video game experience since 2013.

Campus Legends is actually a Limited Time Event within Madden’s Superstar KO mode. In it, you can play as one of ten big-named college football institutions: Clemson University, University of Miami, Louisiana State University (LSU), University of Florida, University of Oklahoma, University of Texas, University of Southern California (USC), University of Oregon, University of Nebraska, and Michigan State University. Each school’s roster is comprised of alumni consisting of notable college stars as well as current and retired NFL stars from all decades.

The Gators, for instance, are quarterbacked by Tim Tebow, with Jevon Kearse at LE and Fred Taylor at HB. The Hurricanes, which never lack star power, have Jim Kelly (QB), Edgerrin James (HB), Andre Johnson (WR), Michael Irvin (WR), Ed Reed (SS), Sean Taylor (FS), Ray Lewis (MLB), Warren Sapp (DT) and more.  Each team’s full roster of players can be found on the Madden website, but there’s no shortage of notable college legends.

Campus Legends games in Superstar KO will consist of 4 minute quarters with the clock stopping after first downs until the next play is selected. And true to college football, only one foot is required to be in bounds for it to be considered a completed catch. You’ll be able to play with or against friends in either 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 multiplayer.

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Unfortunately, Campus Legends is only a limited time mode that runs within Superstar KO until September 27. While only temporary, Campus Legends is a great way to get college football fans back into the game. The last college football game was NCAA Football 14 and issues with NIL ultimately resulted in the series ending.

Thankfully, people have come to their senses and decided that players should be allowed to profit off their name, image and likeness, opening the door for the return of a college football video game. In fact, EA has already announced a College Football video game is in development with reports of a targeted 2023 release.