Pokemon Masters EX: Breaking down my 100 free Scouts haul

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During the recent Pokemon Presents, they talked about all the new stuff coming to Pokemon Masters EX. It was mostly story and character additions but they also announced  a massive giveaway in which playing after the event gives you a bunch of free gems and enough 10-tickets to scout 100 scouts, which is their fancy way of saying it’s their Gatcha mechanic that allows you to get Pokemon Trainers with their buddy Pokemon in your inventory of people.

As it turns out you don’t get 100 free scouts out the gate as the video seemed to imply. Instead you get a free 10-ticket once a day for ten days. So, for the last ten days I’ve logged into the game, collected my free tickets and gems and documented them so we can see what the drop rates are really like.

All in all, between tickets and gems I summoned 159 Pokemon Trainers so… oof, let’s get into this mess.

Oh, and before I being, I’m going to be straight up with you. While I will tell you I never got a trainer that was below three stars in rarity, that’s because there are no trainers below three stars. It’s a cheap psychological thing and should not make you believe that every trainer is somewhat rare.

Also, please note that I did not play the game during this time or make any purchases. This is ONLY the free stuff I got during this event.

Here we go.

Three Star Trainers

These ones are the most common of the gang. Some definitely will be given to you more than others. In fact, if you ever start playing and get either Tate or Liza and worry you’ll never get the matching twin…don’t. You will see them constantly and seem to be one of the most common drops. I have enough of these two to start my own orphanage.

  • Lt. Surge/Voltorb – 10
  • Brawley/Makuhita – 9
  • Bugsy/Beedrill – 8
  • Cheryl/Blissey – 8
  • Winona/Pelipper – 7
  • Marley/Arcanine – 7
  • Janine/Ariados – 7
  • Roark/Cranidos – 6
  • Liza/Lunaton – 6
  • Clay/Palpitoad – 6
  • Crasher Wake/Floatzel – 6
  • Mina/Granbull – 6
  • Marlon/Carracosta – 6
  • Tate/Solrock – 5
  • Brycen/Cryogonal – 4
  • Candice/Abomasnow – 3
  • Wulfric/Avalugg – 2
  • Maylene/Meditite – 2
  • Ramos/Weepinbell – 2

So that’s not bad as far as the cooler ones go. Winona, Marley and Janine all look cool as hell while the characters I got less of like Wulfric and Ramos are just kinda boring.

DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Company
DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Company /

Four Star Trainers

Now you’re going to see the lists getting smaller. Four stars are often really good and have a lot of potential but…this is also the category where you’ll spend a lot of time being like “how is [X] not five star?!” Like, I’m sorry, absolute Girl Boss Lorelei and her Lapras is only four stars? Like, not only was she a member of the Elite Four but she was the leader. Oh, and the Pokemon Yellow manga she and her Elite Four…let me read this correctly…tried conquering the world along with the rest of her team with the goal of killing every single human who wasn’t nice to Pokemon. Four stars. Pssh.

Any ways, here’s the ones I got.

  • Whitney/Miltank – 3
  • Roxie/Whirlipede – 2
  • Marshal/Conkeldurr – 2
  • Blaine/Ponyta – 2
  • Lucy/Seviper – 2
  • Will/Xatu – 1
  • Drake/Salamence – 1
  • Agatha/Gengar – 1
  • Sophocles/Togedemaru – 1
  • Thorton/Bronzong – 1
  • Grant/Amaura – 1
  • Wikstrom/Aegislash – 1
  • Lorelei/Lapras – 1
  • Gardenia/Roserade – 1
  • Sahuntal/Chandelure – 1
  • Siebold/Clawitzer – 1
  • Noland/Pinsir – 1
DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Company
DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Company /

The surprising amount of Elite Four peeps in this list making it a bit controversial (to me at least) but at least I ended up getting two Roxie’s as she’s my absolute favorite trainer ever. Though…could have done without all those Miltanks. But that’s just because I am absolutely not comfortable with them.

Five Star Trainers

Here we are. The cream of the crop. The fancy bois. Not only are the ones in this group powerful enough where you can guarantee one or two of these in your party will allow you to coast through the main story but it’s also where ones in special costumes go. The costumes are pretty cool in this game because while getting Leon would get you his Charizard, Sygna Suit Leon, other than looking like a villain, also gets you Eternatus.

  • Phoebe/Dusclops – 4
  • Lyra/Chikoria – 2
  • Brendan/Treecko – 1
  • Nessa/Drednaw – 1
  • Sygna Suit Leon/Eternatus – 1
  • Sygna Suit Grimsley/Sharpedo – 1
  • Hala/Crabominable – 1
  • Jasmin/Steelix – 1
  • Bianca/Musharna – 1
  • Selene/Rowlet – 1
  • Lillie (Anniversary 2021)/Lunala – 1
  • Plumeria/Salazzle – 1
DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Company
DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Company /

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Despite having 150+ scouts pulled I’m genuinely surprised I still ended up with sixteen five-star trainers. Especially the fancy ones like the Sygna Suits two and the anniversary edition of Lillie (who not only has Lunala but has a really cool dress modeled after Cosmog). I lucked out with them starting a new event adding anniversary costumes to the game at the last minute too because I got Anniversary Lillie with my final pull. I was already stoked getting Plumeria (cause I love Team Skull) and then Lillie just showed up looking awesome.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so that’s what all I ended up pulling. 115 three-stars, 23 four-stars, and 21 five-stars. Especially having played Nintendo’s Fire Emblem game for a lot longer than I should have, this is honestly a much better ratio than I expected.

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And I think the event honestly pulled off what they wanted because while I was “meh” with the game for a while, having a lot of characters I love all of a sudden made me want to dive back in and actually play through the ridiculous amount of story content the game has to offer.