Pokemon Masters EX has big plans for its two-year anniversary

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Nintendo had a pretty massive Pokemon Direct on August 18th and it covered pretty much every Pokemon game out and in development. One of the games addressed was Pokemon Masters EX, also known as that game that you tried because it looked really cool and you then stopped playing because it was, admittedly, a little overwhelming. And while your kids liked watching you play it just felt empty because the gameplay mechanics were…oops, I think that was just me.


The direct covered a lot which you can find at 3:00 if it doesn’t automatically take you there in the video below:

In the presentation, they talked about everything that is about to go down in honor of their two-year anniversary. Pokemon Masters EX is about to get a slew of new events added to it, increasing the already surprisingly robust amount of stories the game has at its disposal.

The first one is going, beginning August 18, features Leon and Eternatus. The storyline is also going to introduce the Sword and Shield concept of Dynamaxing to the game with Eternatus. Completing this event will also nab you the team of Hop and Zamazenta for those of you that played through Sword and Shield but just really want more of that sweet sweet Hop content.

Later this month even more Anniversary Pairs are slated to arrive in special outfits, including the first one which will be fan-favorite edgelord “N” in a fancy new outfit and paired with a Reshiram.

A new story arc is also set to begin in the middle of September and it features my absolute favorite evil team of all-time: “Team Rainbow Rocket”.  For those not in the know, Team Rainbow Rocket was a bizarre team that showed up in the end game content from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In it, in a series of events that loosely involve portals that go through space and time, Giovanni shows up with a team made up of other famous villains, including the leaders of Team Aqua/Magma/Galactic and more. It’s basically an all-star team of Pokemon’s meanest villains, like a Legion of Doom, and I am absolutely down for that. They even say in the trailer that it’ll be a darker storyline than normal so… let’s go!

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It was also announced that they’re giving players an absolutely ridiculous amount of stuff right now. Logging in now will net you 3,000 Gems (the in-game premium currency). So that’s a pretty nice bonus.

In addition, they also started an event already that gives you a daily 10-pair scout. That’s pretty huge if you’re looking for a certain one as the 10-pairs give you a better chance at a high-ranked trainer.

Oh, and if that’s not enough, they’re also giving out the offer of logging in and getting 100 free scout pairs which is…insane.

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How insane? It’s so insane that for the last three hours I’ve been trying to get on the game and I keep getting an error from Google stating that “Error 403: rate_limit_exceeded” where it explains that it’s reached the limit for how many people can sign in which…is not something I’ve ever seen an app get.

If you manage to get on in the near future, let me know how you do with that wealth of scouts.