Could Marvel vs Capcom 2 possibly be resurrected?

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7 years after the removal of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 from digital stores we finally have #freemvc2 trending for a while from one of my favorite influencers at the helm, we may have one of the best chances at getting one of the most prolific fighting games back from digital game purgatory. On August 2nd Maximilian Dood released a tweet with the trending hashtag.

This was tried last year with Killer Instinct and got the attention of Phil Spencer to the point where he brought up why it would be a hassle to get Killer Instinct remade. However gaining the attention of the likes of Mike Mika and Stephen Frost, we may see some ideas being tossed around on getting Marvel Vs Capcom 2 back in a playable state on modern hardware.

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Remaking Marvel vs Capcom 2 feels like a no brainer for Capcom and Disney as the sales of this remastered for the PS3 and 360 versions were quite good. Additionally this should be a low cost, low effort “remaster” as the more you do the more fans will be upset with it. So the real question is why hasn’t this happened yet? Maybe this is the exact type of campaign Disney and or Capcom have been waiting for. Either way, if you’re a fan of fighting games, whether it is competitive or casual Marvel Vs. Capcom is the series you should be playing and 2 is the best entry.

Until we know if there will be any fruit from these seeds and you need your MVC fix you can grab Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PS4, Xbox 1, or Steam, or Marvel vs Capcom Infinite on any of the aforementioned consoles. Either is a solid fighter in their own right but Ultimate Marvel 3 has some pretty bad servers for online play but if your looking to just play arcade mode or with friends in person it is still a great time. If the 3v3 team battles are what you’re craving and aren’t really caring about Marvel or Capcom characters then, Dragon Ball fighterz is the way.

So in conclusion, if you read this article and have a Twitter account or 5 please retweet the above and let’s try our best as the fighting game community to support this and get it to fruition.  We can also go to streamers and YouTube videos who are talking about or playing the game and make sure these guys hear us down here screaming “WE WANT MARVEL 2 BACK!”