New Pokemon Snap: Every new Pokemon coming in the August update


The other day, the official Pokemon channel on Twitter announced that in less than a week, New Pokemon Snap will be getting free DLC with new stages and some new Pokemon. However, they only gave us a small taste of everything we’ll be able to see and do.

We know that there will be a river stage, something that appears to be a desert, maybe, and a really cool stage where you shrink down, which looks to be celebrating the smaller Pokemon with a moment where you can ride on an Emolga’s back. Amazing.

But who are the new Pokemon that are going to be added? The trailer gives us a quick taste and, luckily for y’all, I got bored and paused the trailer over and over again to make a list of every new Pokemon I could see that wasn’t in the base game.

Here they are in order of appearance.

  • Psyduck can be seen floating down a river
  • Tropius can be seen in a group laying by the river
  • Ursaring (I think) is climbing a tree in the top left near the Tropius
  • Swalot is shown stretching its mouth to eat a Fluffruit
  • Rockruff is shown frolicking next to a midnight forme Lycanroc
  • Feraligatr are shown swimming downstream
  • Gyrados was shown jumping towards your character
  • Shroomish are hanging out in the shrunken stage
  • Snorlax also seems to appear in the shrunken stage

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Also, at 1:28 there is a scene at the beginning of the shrunken stage footage where a massive Wurmple crawling out from the grass on the left. But if you look THROUGH the grass at the top right you can see something yellow and red dancing. It’s really hard to make out what it is but given the yellow to red ratio on it I’m guessing Delphox as it’s the only one I can think that has colors like that.

I guess we’ll see on August 3rd when the DLC drops and I go absolutely off about it which Pokemon that is and what other ones we’ll see. I’m also hoping that they continue the trend of hiding a mythical Pokemon in each stage because my girl Meloetta has been left out of everything but Pokemon Go in recent years and that’s messed up.

One thing to remember with this DLC too is that it is absolutely free. It will just download like an update and you can hop right on in and play.