New Pokemon Snap update coming next week: Here’s what it could bring

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New Pokemon Snap, which came out April 30th of this year, was pretty great. A massive improvement over the original with a ridiculous amount of things to unlock. A slow trickle of unlockable stages and abilities also helped people not beat the game in a single playthrough, which added to the replayability of the whole thing. But that was then. Now you’ve either lost interest or your album is probably perfected.

Even if you’ve gotten the Eevee-based side mission completed and found the three hidden legendaries you’ve probably done all there is to see and do in the game. And if you haven’t, here are a couple quick tips to help you along.

Luckily, if you’ve played New Pokemon Snap until you real-life snapped and you’re looking for more content, you’re in luck. This morning (July 29th, 2021, for my future friends) the official Pokemon account on Twitter shared an exciting video about New Pokemon Snap.

In it, they thank all the players who’ve helped the game along before announcing news of a new update that, let me check my calendar, comes out in five days on August 3rd. And it’s not a patch, this is a full-on massive content update.

Not much SPECIFIC information was given but from what we can tell, there are going to be three new stages including one that appears to specifically pay homage to the rapids stage of the original game. In that stage, you float down a stream and, at one point, encounter the heavily requested Gyrados.

In addition to the new stages, the footage also shows off an exciting new feature, the ability to shrink! In it, your character finds an alternate path and, when activated, the ship shrinks down to the size of a pebble and proceeds through a tree.

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While shrunken, they encounter Weedles that tower over them and, at one point, hop onto an Emolga’s back. Riding on an Emolga’s back is not something I’ve ever thought about but now that I’ve seen it I’m going to need a whole new dream journal. Bigger Pokemon also appear while shrunken so monolithic Duduos and Snorlaxes can be seen in the footage as well.

Nothing else has been revealed thus far but we know well and good and this is going to lead to more legendary Pokemon appearing because, come on, you know it does. Hopefully, my sweet baby Kyogre finally makes an appearance as I love it and desperately want to take pictures of my weird, glowy chunk.

Anywho, we’ll find out in less than a week. You’ll know because I’ll probably be here dissecting the whole thing.