Overwatch Summer Games 2021: The annual event is back and still disappointing

Activision Blizzard
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Here we are once again, The Overwatch Summer Games. This is usually one of the events I’m more or less ok with skipping.

This year though I had a moment of simping for Ashe. But here it is, and it’s, well, disappointing.  She looks like a Mom on the beach with her kids. Her usually awesome Western Repeater style rifle looks like a dollar store Super Soaker. I do always enjoy how they go out of their way to make these weapons look novelty but this wasn’t the gun for it. Her sidearm shotgun and TNT look great and fun.

Overwatch - Ashe Poolside Skin
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The real reason to get this is for B.O.B. he looks like Frankie from one Piece if he had a goofy mustache, and wore an undershirt. If you compare that to Mei’s sprinkles or Symmetra’s (who notoriously has pretty mediocre costumes) Mermaid, the highlighted Ashe skin is a bit sadder. Each of these skins is 3,000 gold coins or can be obtained in a Summer Games Loot Box.

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In classic summer games form, we have Lucioball making a comeback. I’m sorry fans of this mode, it’s not my jam. It’s Rocket League without the Rockets or League. They have added some ideas to keep things fresh in the remix playlist that is “nonstop, chaotic, Multi-ball action” which is a fancy way to say 2 balls are always in play at the same time eventually dropping in the “bonus” ball that gives 3 points to who gets it in.

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There is also a ranked Lucioball that this writer has decided not to participate in as I don’t like this mode to begin with and feel it will be sweaty.  If you get those 9 wins in the arcade playlist you can get the weekly skins and even the coveted event loot boxes. The week 2 skin is Pharah’s Sunset skin followed by Hanzo’s Nihon, neither of which is amazing but Pharah’s looks really good.  Summer games ran from July, 20th to August 10th so grab these skins and playing some Lucioball if it’s your thing.