Call of Duty 2021 game name and logo possibly leaked: What is Slipstream?

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July is already here and half of 2021 is already gone. As summer continues to run its course, fall is right around the corner. Fall and the holiday season are usually times of the year where gaming releases are huge. Call of Duty is one of those video games that is usually always released during the Fall time and this year will be no different.

While we do know there is a confirmed Call of Duty title coming this year, that is basically all we know about the video game thus far. Hopefully we can get more confirmations on the new game soon, but for now there were some potential leaks on Call of Duty’s name and the logo it may use for this year’s game. is an online multiplayer service by Blizzard that hosts Call of Duty games on the PC. They were previously referring to the new Call of Duty as Call of Duty 2021, but now all of a sudden they have since been referring to the new game as Call of Duty: Slipstream. Slipstream is definitely an interesting name and if that turns out to be true it would be the first Call of Duty with a name of that sort.

The leaked logo also is very intriguing, but doesn’t get give anything away in terms of the game’s name. The other possibility is that Slipstream can also be the game’s codename and Sledgehammer has plans to call the game something else entirely. Previously, other reliable leakers have reported that the new game would be called Vanguard, but referring to the game as Slipstream definitely raised some eyebrows. Would know something that big before anyone else major did? Who entirely knows, but I guess it is always a possibility.

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The reveal can’t be that far off from happening given that there is less than half the year left in 2021 and we know that the new game has been confirmed to come out before the year’s end. This is also the longest we’ve gone without a Call of Duty reveal in recent years. Typically the new game is revealed in April or May.

All we can do right now is speculate, but might know something that no one else does. Will Call of Duty 2021 be called Call of Duty: Slipstream or does Sledgehammer Games have other plans for a name? We will find out sooner rather than later.