Call of Duty: We don’t need another World War II game

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At the start of the new year, there usually begins to be a lot of speculation on what the new Call of Duty will be about. Will it be a more modern take on the franchise? Will it be a throwback-style game? Will it be futuristic? These are all questions that fans of the franchise think of when they know a new Call of Duty game is in development.

However, there recently was a pretty reputable source, who has leaked Call of Duty news well in advance of anything being announced in the past, that may have leaked what the next genre of Call of Duty will be. According to someone by the Twitter name of Victor___Z, the next game in the Call of Duty franchise is going to go back to their World War II roots and will also be lead by Sledgehammer games. The leaked image can be seen below.

If Victor is correct on his gaming leaks once again, this year’s game will be somewhere along the lines of a World War II setting, but why? Sledgehammer Games created Call of Duty: WWII back in November of 2017. That game had a lot of hype before it was released, but soon after release, the game got many mixed reviews.

WWII had an interesting new addition with making lobbies so big that players were able to interact with each other before searching for a game. Call of Duty: WWII definitely wasn’t the worst game in the franchise, but definitely wasn’t the best either.

If Sledgehammer is indeed creating a Call of Duty game with a WWII setting, it doesn’t really make sense why they would do it again. The only thing that makes sense about it would be that they feel like they need redemption on a game that was hyped up pre-launch as being potentially one of the best Call of Duty games of modern times.

I, personally, do not think we need another Call of Duty game with a WWII setting. Take a look at the best Call of Duty game of all time in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This game gave gamers everything that they looked for in the franchise. Players had flexibility in the killstreaks, the perks that were available were perfect, and the map designs were amazing. Infinity Ward didn’t overdo anything with that game and thus why it will go down as one of the greatest Call of Duty games of all time.

A lot of Call of Duty fans like games where they consider it to be “boots on the ground” type of a game. However, there are fans of the franchise that like the use of jetpacks and wall-running abilities. It is near impossible to please both types of gamers and is usually why we see so many different types of installments with different features year after year.

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Sledgehammer games is a great company and I know that they are capable of producing an A+ game. However, I believe they took their shot with a WWII game and missed. Hence why they don’t need to recreate a WWII-style game.

I think that a modernized Call of Duty game is the way to go. Not a futuristic game, not a throwback game, but something that brings a modern feel to the franchise. I am not saying to never produce a throwback game or to never produce a futuristic game because those games still have a ton of potential. I am just simply that they just created a WWII-style game so there’s no need to go back to a game like that.

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So, was the next Call of Duty game really leaked or does Sledgehammer have other plans in mind? I am sure there will tons more rumors and speculations as the weeks and months roll on. Give me an older style game with a throwback setting that is different than Call of Duty: WWII. If the game is too similar, fans of the franchise might be outraged.